Where To Find All The Gifts In A Plague Tale: Innocence

Learn the location of all 11 gifts for your crew of survivors in A Plague Tale: Innocence.

The world of A Plague Tale: Innocence is a dreary one indeed. Everyone is fighting to survive not just the incursion of men and soldiers, but the infestation of rats as well. To help bring a little bit of sunshine to your gang of survivors, why not take the time to find all the gifts? These gifts are hidden throughout each chapter, and add a little bit more cheer to life in the plague.

It goes with out saying, but minor spoilers for A Plague Tale: Innocence are ahead!

All 11 Gift Locations

There are 11 gifts to find in A Plague Tale: Innocence. These gifts are scattered throughout the various chapters in the game, with a chapter only holding a single gift. Because they are quite well-hidden, it can be difficult to track all of these gifts down. Once you find all the gifts, be sure to visit the temporary home to see the collection sitting on a table.

  1. Chapter 1: Whistle
  2. Chapter 2: Amulets and talismans
  3. Chapter 3: Rosary
  4. Chapter 4: Diary of an alchemist
  5. Chapter 5: Ballastella
  6. Chapter 6: Knucklebones
  7. Chapter 7: Vinegar of the four thieves
  8. Chapter 8: Alchemical crucible
  9. Chapter 9: Chessboard
  10. Chapter 10: Reading stone
  11. Chapter 12: Calamus

Chapter 1 – Gift 1: Whistle

The first gift is a whistle, and is found on Amicia’s property. Go to the barn and search the upper level to find the gift sitting on a shelf.

Chapter 2 – Gift 2: Amulets and Talismans

At the very start of the second chapter you will encounter some markets. As you approach the first stall, head around the back toward the river. There’s a little house with a pier, at the end of this pier is the gift.

Chapter 3 – Gift 3: Rosary

The rosary gift is at the very beginning of the third chapter and can be found in the church. Walk to the other side of the room and wait for Hugo to light a candle. From here, you should be able to see a table with some candles on it – this is where the rosary is located. To reach it, you will need to follow the path on the other side of the church.

Chapter 4 – Gift 4: Diary of an Alchemist

The alchemist’s diary is found shortly after Hugo runs away into a field. Don’t chase after Hugo, instead, go toward the water to find a boat. In this boat is the diary gift.

Chapter 5 – Gift 5: Ballastella

Ballastella, Jacob’s staff, is found in Chapter 5 after Lucas shows you how to craft Somnum. Make Lucas lower and release the trebuchet, then walk across to the other side. Light the torch and get Hugo to fetch a stick. Turn away from the grate, light the stick, and drop off the edge. Ahead of you will be a campfire, head there quickly as the stick will not stay lit for long.

Chapter 6 – Gift 6: Knucklebones

The knucklebones are found during Chapter 6, when Amicia is captured and then freed. As you follow Melie, turn left instead of following her right. You can find the knucklebones on the dining table in the tent.

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Chapter 7 – Gift 7: Vinegar of the Four Thieves

The vinegar gift in A Plague Tale: Innocence is found during Chapter 7, after the first rat puzzle. After opening the door and taking in the sight of the castle, follow the path around the cliff and then double-back on yourself. You will come across a locked house, get Melie to pick the lock and search inside to find the gift.

Chapter 8 – Gift 8: Alchemical Crucible

The alchemical crucible gift is found in Chapter 8, after helping Lucas with an experiment. Go back to the sleeping room and go through the door in the opposite corner. As you pass through the door, look left to spot the crucible in the ferns on the ground.

Chapter 9 – Gift 9: Chessboard

The chessboard gift is in Chapter 9, as you near the University Building. Look for the two guards that stop in a little undercover area. You will need to either distract the guards or neutralize them, as the gift is sitting in this alcove.

Chapter 10 – Gift 10: Reading Stone

Chapter 10 holds the reading stone gift and is found after you go back into the university with Roderic. Take out the lone shield guard and then search the back of the room.

Chapter 12 – Gift 11: Calamus

The final gift in A Plague Tale: Innocence is Calamus and is found in Chapter 12. As you trek back to the family property, you will encounter a gate. You will also see a stone house with a thatched roof, the gift is inside. In order to get the gift, you will need to clear out the rats by using Odoris to lure them out and then light the fire to keep the doorway clear.

With all the collectible gifts in A Plague Tale: Innocence, you should be able to make your gang a little bit happier. Remember, you can check out all the gifts you’ve found by visiting the temporary home and looking on the table.

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