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Where To Find All The Bunkers In Warzone Season 5

Where To Find All The Bunkers In Warzone Season 5

A new season is here for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players, which means new experiences to uncover and new objectives to complete. For those looking for where to find the bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone on Verdansk, we’ve got you covered so you can find all 12 while staying alive.

12 bunkers total

Ten of the bunkers are the usual finds, and require Red Access Cards for Entry. Bunker 11 was a totally different story, and was opened during Season 4 (remember all the phones??). Now, in Season 5, the stadium has opened up, and we now have “access” to bunker 12 as well. Keep in mind that you likely won’t be able to find all of these bunkers during one single round, so be patient, and gear up for a few goes at it.

First, as mentioned above, you’ll need to have Red Access Cards to access the first 10 bunkers. Unfortunately, these cards only drop from Legendary Crates, and are so uncommon that they are not even a guaranteed drop. So as mentioned before, be patient and hunt some access cards!

Next, get ready to sweat. The bunker locations themselves are hot hot hot, and in addition to other access card-toting players, even more players will be staking their claim and camping out on these spots in order to take any secret hunters out.

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As for the locations, the below Verdansk map has all of the bunker locations highlighted in red:

courtesy of Activision

With each location being on the outskirts of the map, you won’t be able to nab all of them in one go, as mentioned before. With the circle of death and camping players, it’s going to be a slow ride finding each location but for the patient? It’s worth it.

Red Access Cards are necessary but they aren’t super easy to come by, but if you’ve got them? Use them. They will help unlock each bunker, which seems to hold a surprise in store for those anxious to learn more about the next Call of Duty coming out later this year. With Warzone now becoming a fixated point in Call of Duty from Modern Warfare and onwards, we can expect even more clues to drop in the free-to-play mode before Activision fully unveils what their next step is.

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