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When Does Apex Legends Season 20 Release?

Apex Legends is getting the largest content release in quite some time with the release of Season 20. With it being dubbed Breakout, players are going to want to check out all the changes coming.

Some of these changes are drastically going to affect the way players are able to play Apex, and the season releasing date is drawing closer and closer.

Here’s when Season 20 of Apex Legends is going to be released for players.

When Does Apex Legends Season 20 Release?

Apex has been in a tricky spot throughout the last couple of seasons, as the game has lost the identity it once had within the battle royale space. Now, Respawn is looking to take this back, by reverting some of the changes they made in previous seasons.

However, players are now overjoyed at one of the features being added in Season 20, and are amped to be diving in soon.

As of now, barring no delays, Season 20 of Apex Legends is currently slated to release on February 20, 2024, and this date should remain the same in the leadup to the release.

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