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What Turtle Beach Headsets Will Work With Xbox Series X|S And PlayStation 5?

What Turtle Beach Headsets Will Work With Xbox Series X|S And PlayStation 5?

The next console generation is almost here!  After years of hype, the PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S are right around the corner.  Both platforms are coming out in November 2020, and they’re sure to debut some absolutely amazing experiences.  Everything from gameplay to graphics to audio is going to be enhanced in some serious ways, but you know the gang here at Turtle Beach is most excited about the audio side of things!

Wondering which of our Turtle Beach headsets you’ll be able to take with you into next-gen?  There’s no need to worry at all, as we’ve put together a dead-simple breakdown.  A quick glance at our compatibility rundown will make sure you’re good to go on launch day.

Xbox Series X and S

Ready to follow Microsoft’s vision for the future of gaming?  The Xbox Series X and S give gamers two fantastic options for next-gen gaming, and Turtle Beach is right there with them.  What better way to experience the evolution of in-game audio than with Turtle Beach?

Figuring out what Turtle Beach headsets will work on Xbox Series X|S couldn’t be easier.  Any of our headsets designed to work on Xbox One will migrate seamlessly over to the Xbox Series X|S.  That includes both our wired and wireless lineup.  The following headsets are all ready to go for the Xbox Series X|S on November 10th, 2020.

Wired Headsets – 3.5mm connection

Wired Headsets – USB connection

Wireless Headsets

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Got the Next-gen consoles but need help setting them up? To help ease these new arrivals into your personal gaming setups, we present to you the following setup guides.

PlayStation 5

Sony has shown off a striking vision for gaming in the years to come.  The PlayStation 5 is an absolute beast, packing some serious punch in every component.  Whether you’re going big with the Standard option for disc compatibility, or opting for the Digital Edition, the PlayStation 5 is ready to take gaming to places it’s never been.

According to Sony, wired and wireless headsets designed for the PS4 should work without issue on the PS5 as well.  Whether you’re going with the 3.5mm jack or USB connection, you’ll have a vast selection of Turtle Beach options to choose from.  Grab your launch day PS5 on November 12th, sit down in your comfiest chair, and slap on these Turtle Beach headsets to enjoy an unbelievable audio onslaught.

Wired Headsets – 3.5m connection

Wired Headsets – USB connection

Wireless Headsets

  • Stealth 600 Gen 2 for PlayStation
  • Stealth 700 Gen 2 for PlayStation
  • Elite 800P – The PlayStation 5 console will not be equipped with an optical digital output. If you have an older model surround headset or accessory that requires an optical digital audio connection, you can use the optical output on your TV set (usually located on a rear or side panel). If your TV does not have an optical digital output, you can use an HDMI Audio Extractor to create an optical output from the HDMI data stream. [See HDMI Audio Extractor]
  • Stealth 600 for PS4
  • Stealth 700 for PS4 – As stated above, the PlayStation 5 will not have an optical digital output. However, similar to the PS4 Slim setup, you will able to use Stealth 700 using a USB-only connection.