Valorant Error Code Solutions Roundup

Valorant Error Code Solutions Roundup

Let me in! Let me in! No one likes to get locked out of a game with their friends due to a pesky error message, and while Valorant runs pretty smoothly for a new release, there are still a few common errors people are running into, usually when launching the game. If you’re facing the dreaded error box, we’ve put together a quick guide on how to solve the most common Valorant Error Codes. Scroll down to the code that’s plaguing you and hopefully we can quickly help get you back to fragging on Haven, Split, Bind and Ascent!

Valorant Error Code 1

Cause: All manner of things

Solution: Close all unnecessary programs, update/reinstall drivers, reinstall the game

For those seeing Valorant Error Code 1, we have unfortunate news. This is one of the least well defined errors, and even Riot themself only lists a long series of potential solutions. The general gist is that another program may be interfering with Valorant. 

Riot’s suggested steps are to make sure all other unnecessary programs are closed (yes, that does include your 15 Netflix tabs) before running the game again. Check Task Manager to see what else is working in the background. If that doesn’t work, try updating/reinstalling your graphics card drivers. Perform a clean install by uninstalling your old drivers first to make sure there are no issues. If you’re still having trouble, Riot recommends reinstalling the game. That includes uninstalling Valorant’s Vanguard Anti-cheat software before you download and install the game again. Good luck!

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Valorant Error Code 7

Cause: Unable to connect to the session service

Solution: Check suspensions and connection

Valorant Error Code 7 shows up as a connection error, meaning you aren’t able to reach the game’s servers. Now here’s the rub, the most common reason for receiving this error is due to an account suspension. These are suspensions tied to your Riot Account, meaning a League of Legends suspension can also affect your Valorant connection. Log in to your Riot Account on the official website by clicking here and check if you have any suspensions. If you do, you should have been emailed the details of why, as well as if and when your account will unlock again. 

If you don’t have any suspensions then you should check if the servers are online (the official Valorant Twitter account updates regularly) and that your connection is stable. During the closed beta, Valorant had a network issue that caused many players to receive Error Code 7, but that has since been fixed. Finally, you should contact Riot Games directly if the problem persists.

Valorant Error Code 12 (or 8-21)

Cause: A problem with the Riot Client

Solution: Restart the game

Valorant Error Code 12 is a sign that something has gone wrong with the Riot Client used to launch the game. In almost all cases this should be solved by restarting the game. Error Code 12 is the most common, but the same is true for codes 8-21. If you’re getting any of these, a restart should solve your issue.

Valorant Error Code 29

Cause: Network connection issues

Solution: Run as administrator, check firewall exclusions, check antivirus restrictions.

Valorant Error Code 29 refers to a network connection problem. Often, this can be solved by running the game as an administrator to ensure your account has the network privileges required to connect to the Valorant servers. If that’s not solved your problem, you may need to add Valorant to your firewall’s exceptions list. Riot Games has produced a simple explanation for how to do this with Windows Defender Firewall. You can read that by clicking here.

Valorant Error Code 31

Cause: The server failed to get player name and information

Solution: Restart the game multiple times

Valorant Error Code 31 is listed by Riot as an error when the server failed to retrieve the player name or information. There’s no complex fix here beyond restarting the game a few times and hoping it connects properly. Try running the game as administrator if you’re still having problems.

Valorant Error Code 43

Cause: Connection timeout.

Solution: Restart the game repeatedly

The most common problem encountered by far when launching Valorant is Error Code 43, which is a timeout error. This message used to be an expected part of launching the game during the closed beta, and while it’s largely been fixed, some users are facing the same problem. Thankfully, the fix for Valorant Error Code 43 is as simple as restarting the game completely. It might take several restarts, it might only take one. There’s little reason or rhyme here, but you’ll get in eventually.

Valorant Error Code 51

Cause: Problem creating a party

Solution: Restart the game

If you’re seeing Valorant Error Code 51 then you’ve encountered the game and server struggling to create online parties. Thankfully, this can be solved once again by restarting the game.

Valorant Error Code 59

Cause: Server maintenance

Solution: Be patient, young whippersnapper

If you’re seeing Error Code 59 each time you launch the game then it means the servers are down for maintenance. All you need to do is wait until the fix or update is applied before you jump back on to play. Server downtime is usually announced on the official Valorant Twitter account so that should be your first port of call when you see this message pop up. You can also visit the Riot Games Service Status page to see if any messages are listed there

Those are the solutions to many of the most common Valorant Error codes. Hopefully by reading this article and trying the solutions you can get back in the game as soon as possible, or at least stop worrying that your install is properly broken. If you’re experiencing any other error codes, head over to the Valorant support page to see if a solution is listed.


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