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Valentine’s Day In-Game Event Roundup Ft. Fortnite Battle Royale

Love is in the air! So it’s time to crush enemies and earn pink and red loot!

That’s right, it’s that period of February where Valentine’s Day crops up. Pink and red decorations are seen in stores. Some couples make elaborate plans. Others just prefer the simple life. But out of them all, the real winners are the couples that slay together in video games.

It’s a fun month because you can just about guarantee that your favorite game will feature some kind of Valentine’s Day event. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite games that are hosting their own celebrations so that you and your special person can get down and earn some lovely loot.

Fortnite Battle Royale

We’ve gotta start this list off right, and that means getting straight into the hottest thing since Netflix and chill: Fortnite Battle Royale. If you’re yet to dive into Epic Game’s latest title, take a moment to check out our Fortnite BR Tips and Tricks guide to get a headstart.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Fortnite has received another update that tweaks a few things and fixes some others, but most importantly, it adds a few new items to chase. As part of the V-Day celebrations, Fortnite Battle Royale has received a brand new weapon in the form of a crossbow. This golden crossbow comes with pink highlights and white hearts. Perfect! You can find the crossbow as floor loot and from treasure chests, it fires arrows (unlimited ammo too), and it comes in Rare and Epic variants.

Beyond the new weapon, you can also earn yourself some pretty great skins. There’s a statuesque Cupid with hot pink pants, and a full-body teddy bear skin that is entirely pink. Keep your eye out for Patch 2.5.0 because there will be a special Valentine’s questline called, “A Love Story”, although it’s probably going to be a bit gritty and cheeky – as is the Fortnite way.

Dying Light

Some people like the idea of “the chase”, wooing and pursuing someone you’re interested in, but the zombies in Dying Light probably aren’t chasing us because they like us, right? It’s been three years since Dying Light was released, and to celebrate, Techland is coming out with a few tasty morsels.

As part of their “10 DLCs in 12 Months”, Techland will be releasing a little something called, Undying Love. While details are yet to be announced, it’s safe to assume Valentine’s Day will be a bit undead. This content is part of the aforementioned celebration of Dying Light, and is completely free to all players across all platforms!

Warning: Do not get bitten by zombies, they are not caring the “love bug”.

Gears of War 4

You get one guess as to what the main weapon of use will be in the Gears of War 4 Valentine’s Day event. You guessed it! The mighty Torque Bow. Get ready to send some explosive love into your enemies’ hearts and heads as Gears of War 4 celebrates the day of love with extremely violent weaponry.

This special mode equips players with a pink Torque Bow that fires hearts and causes your enemies to explode in a splash of gory pink love and viscera. As part of the limited event (running until February 20), you can earn the Flaming Enforcer by getting 100 kills in the Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag playlist, and the Flaming Torque Bow by winning 5 matches. Time to get out there and send some of Cupid’s arrows through some hearts.

Destiny 2

Last, but certainly not least, who could forget about Destiny 2. Bungie’s latest entry into the Destiny franchise brings with it the return of Crimson Days – a Crucible-fuelled event where fighting alongside your partner is key to your success.


This new Crucible mode will only run during the Crimson Days event, ending on February 20. The competitive mode is a 2-versus-2 with a twist: staying close to your ally causes your abilities to recharge faster and moving away from them alerts your enemies of your location. So stick together, and reap the rewards.

Outside of the limited-time competitive mode is the Valentine-themed loot. From new exotic weapon skins and ghosts, to emotes, sparrows, and shaders, there’s all manner of romance-themed items to earn. What’s more, these items are on a “knock-out” list whereby once you earn one, it’s removed from the list so you won’t receive it again. To make the deal sweeter, these rewards are only earned through gameplay – not Bright Engrams. However, if you do have some spare Bright Dust, you can grab a few items from Tess.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to put on some comfy clothing, load up a game, and wreak havoc with your significant other. No matter what you choose to play over the romance period, we hope you’ll crush your enemies with love <3