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What’s Next for Sony After the PS5 Reveal

What’s Next for Sony After the PS5 Reveal

Last week, Sony officially revealed the PS5 along with dozens of games that will be available on the system. With the reveal still fresh on our minds, we’re left to wonder what’s next for Sony in the months leading up to the PS5’s release. 

When will we learn the price? Will we see new trailers for games like Horizon Forbidden West with official release dates? Only time will tell.

While we wait for Sony’s next State of Play broadcast, we thought it’d be fitting to go over some of the things we’ve learned after the PS5 reveal. 

What’s Next for Sony After the PS5 Reveal

First, there was a bit of controversy over what sort of game Spider-Man Miles Morales is exactly. Is it an expansion to Marvel’s Spider-Man? Is it a full sequel? No, it’s a standalone, spin-off game as confirmed by Insomniac Games. To add clarity to this description, Spider-Man Miles Morales has been compared to games like Uncharted: Lost Legacy. 

While it was an Uncharted game, it wasn’t following Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End as a sequel, instead offering its own standalone story that was smaller in scale.

We also learned more about Horizon Forbidden West. Going back and re-watching the announcement trailer, we noticed details indicating the game will not only let you explore the ruins of San Francisco, but other parts of Northern California as well.

For example, when we see Aloy climbing the side of a snowy mountain, the area behind her aligns perfectly with images of Yosemite National Park, an area that’s 171 miles away from San Francisco. 

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In the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, Frozen Wilds, we learn that Aloy is exploring other National Parks like Yellowstone and Grand Teton in and around Wyoming. It seems fitting that Horizon Forbidden West would include another National Park like Yosemite.

It’s unclear whether we’ll start outside of California and head inland towards San Francisco through Yosemite, or if the game will start us out in the center and have us explore outwards. 

No matter where we start, we’re really looking forward to spotting more California landmarks when Horizon Forbidden West is released.

Other games we’ve been thinking about a lot include Bugsnax, a game whose song we’ve been unable to scrub from our mind. 

Doing a little research, we learned that British indie pop band Kero Kero Bonito recorded the song and honestly, it’s perfect. We couldn’t help but listen to it a few more times before writing this feature, you know, for the sake of research.

“Bugsnax, ohhhh woah, Bugsnax…”

Moving on to Project Athia, while the trailer was vague about what it could be, some gamers have put forth theories. The most compelling theory we’ve come across is that Project Athia is a sequel to Final Fantasy XV.

It would make sense given that developer Luminous Productions also worked on Final Fantasy XV. Unfortunately, the game is being marketed as a “brand new IP” from Square Enix. A Final Fantasy XV sequel wouldn’t fit the description of a new IP, but a standalone spin-off game might.

Until Square Enix formally announces what Project Athia is, anything is possible. Personally, we’d love to hear that we’re getting a new take on Final Fantasy. Even if it’s completely unrelated and is a new game with no ties or connections to anything we’re familiar with, we genuinely can’t wait to learn more about Project Athia in the near future.

Outside of the PS5 reveal stream, we know there are a few other games releasing on PS5 in addition to other platforms like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on PS5, though it’ll launch first for current gen consoles like PS4. 

Speaking of current gen, we’ll have other cross-gen titles to choose from like Chivalry 2 which will not only be cross-gen, it’ll also offer full cross-platform support. Other exciting third-party games to look forward to on PS5 include Metal: Hellsinger, Paradise Lost, Outriders, and CHORUS. 

A lot of these third-party games are indie, and the response to Microsoft and Sony showing so many indies in their next-gen console presentations has been met with some criticism from gamers who were hoping to see more AAA exclusives. 

It seems like both Microsoft and Sony are making a concerted effort to offer a larger catalog of indies on their next-gen consoles. Having wider support for indie games has served other companies well, like Nintendo who’s scooped up indies left and right in order to expand the library of available titles on Nintendo Switch. 

It’s not that Microsoft and Sony won’t have big exclusives like Halo Infinite and Spider-Man Miles Morales, they’ll simply be offering more third-party games to play as well. We also know that both Microsoft and Sony will have additional presentations in the months leading up to the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

We feel like both companies are reluctant to reveal their full hand of cards so to speak, instead doing a bit of back-and-forth with what they reveal. Microsoft revealed what their Series X looked like first, then Sony followed with their PS5 reveal.

The PS5 reveal had more exclusive games than Microsoft’s presentation, but Microsoft is reportedly airing another presentation in July.

We have no doubt that they will show more games during this presentation. Halo Infinite, perhaps? Microsoft may also share the price of the Xbox Series X first at which point Sony will follow with their price. As of right now, predictions price the PS5 at $499 for the model without the disc drive and $599 with the disc drive. 

Some leaks have shown the price as low as $399 and $499, while others have had even higher placeholder prices than the predicted max of $599. We’re curious to see where Sony puts the actual price once they announce it later this year.

Fair points have been made in regards to how much people typically spend on phones like the iPhone X, however there are other points to be made in regards to how the PS5 will stack up to the price of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

It could be dramatically more expensive, or comparable in price. We don’t anticipate it being cheaper than the Xbox Series X based on what we’ve seen and heard thus far. This could be problematic for Sony depending on how high they price the PS5 as we’re currently in a difficult global situation with mass layoffs due to COVID-19.

It’s unclear whether Sony will offer a payment option like Microsoft does with their Xbox All Access program. We don’t expect them to, but it’d be something worth considering, at least for the more expensive PS5 option.

Not only will the PS5 have two options to choose from, you’ll also have two ways to display the system: upright as shown in the reveal, or on its side. Both versions come with Sony’s new DualSense controller, an improvement on the DualShock with some exciting features attached including haptic feedback and adaptive controllers. 

Most of the games shown during Sony’s PS5 reveal will be compatible with the DualSense from feeling the grittiness of the road in Gran Turismo 7 to the pull of Aloy’s bow in Horizon Forbidden West. We’re excited to see how the DualSense stacks up in comparison to other haptic feedback controllers, notably Nintendo’s Joy-Cons. 

Other tidbits of info that’ve dropped following Sony’s PS5 reveal include the company’s focus on “value over price” according to SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan

The PS5 will also offer a complete overhaul of the PS4’s UI.

As it’s UI it’s practical first, but it’s a whole new visual language and a complete rearchitecting of the user interface. The new PS5 OS is “more subtle than flashy, but no pixel is untouched,” explained Matt MacLaurin, Sony’s VP of UX design

MacLaurin also teased PS5 customization options for hardware with the PS5 being, “Customizable in ways previous PlayStation systems haven’t been.” 

It makes sense, especially with Sony offering a nice range of customization options in the past with the PS4 with their DualShock controllers and the PS4 itself which had special editions like the red Spider-Man PS4 Pro or the silver God of War PS4 Pro.

With so many gamers interested in seeing an all-black version of the DualSense and PS5 console itself, it sounds like we’ll definitely get something like that in the near future. We may also see special dual-colored special editions similar to the base console itself. 

For example, we have a black and white base, but we may see special editions like black and red, or white and gold. All of the information we’ve been given along with the rumors and speculation surrounding the console have us genuinely excited.

We can’t wait to see what else Sony has in store, and what they announce leading up to the console’s Holiday 2020 release. Until then, what are your thoughts? Is there anything you’re hoping to see in terms of games, customization, or price points? Let us know down in the comments below!

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It is always an exciting time in the video game community when a new generation of consoles usher in a whole new age of gaming with never-before-seen graphics and performance. You have to have great games to be a good console, and fortunately for prospective PS5 players there already been a handful of games confirmed to be coming to the console in the future.

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