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Tips To Get You Started In Metro Exodus

Tackle the snowy and desolate wasteland of Metro Exodus with confidence.

The lands around Moscow in Metro Exodus are wrought with danger. From ferocious mutants to hostile humans living on the brink of humanity. Surviving this nightmare will not be an easy task. For those new to the series, Metro Exodus is a methodical shooter that will have you jumping out of your gas mask! To survive the world, and help your ragtag crew make it to a new home, you’ll need as much help as you can get.

Take your time

Metro Exodus isn’t your normal first-person shooter. One could almost liken it to BioShock, a thoughtful and intense experience that rewards patience, crafting, and taking in your surroundings. Because Metro Exodus is a sort of survival experience, it’s a good idea to take your time when proceeding through levels.

The reason why you’ll want to take your time is that you never know when an enemy is waiting around the next corner, and you don’t want to get caught with your pants down. It’s also worth searching every nook and cranny, because ammo and resources are scarce. It’s very easy to run out of ammunition, which will leave you with no other options but to use silent take downs in order to resupply.

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Loot everything/everywhere

Acquiring resources is key to surviving the wasteland of Metro Exodus, and as mentioned above, resources are hard to come by. However, the game does reward those who carefully explore each location – you’ll never know when you’ll find that weapon upgrade.

Exploring is also how you’ll come across the materials needed to craft ammo at workbenches. Though you won’t be using ammo to trade, it is obviously going to come in handy when you’re surrounded by mutants and don’t want to punch your way out. Whenever you come by a workbench in the wild, take a moment to resupply the ammo stocks!

Pick your fights

There are a lot of dangers to face in Metro Exodus, and creepy mutants are the least of your concerns. Massive bears, giant bug things, and crazy enemy factions are just a few of the hostiles that would love nothing more than to gobble you up. However, there are more options than just going in guns blazing.

Instead of immediately shooting on site, inspect your surroundings and see if there are any stealth options. Not only will you be saving ammo, you’ll be avoiding a massive firefight and potentially reducing the amount of damage you take.

In the event things go south quickly, don’t be afraid to pull out that gun and get to shooting. Interestingly, some human enemies in Metro Exodus will surrender, and it’ll be up to you whether you let them go to live another day or put them out of their misery. Keep in mind that your actions will be felt in the world in how people view you.

Make some friends

Life can get pretty dreary while out in the post atomic wasteland of Russia, so any moment of downtime between fighting to survive should be welcomed with open arms. While you’re on the old-school train, take a moment to make some friends with the other survivors searching for hope. Not only is this a great opportunity to relax, but you might just gain some valuable information about what’s happening in the world.

Metro Exodus is the latest installment in the Metro series, and although the world is still a shell of its former self, there’s a bit of hope in the air (as well as nuclear waste, so don’t breathe too deep). You’re going to need every trick in the book if you want to survive, so keep our tips close, and travel safely, Ranger!

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