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Star Wars Squadrons’ Single Player Mode Revealed

Princess Leia stands amidst an orange background, filled with space showing the doomed planet of Alderaan in her shadow covering the orange.

Gamescom Opening Night Live featured a bevy of gameplay trailers and reveals for titles to come.  Among the mix was a brand new look at Star Wars Squadrons, the upcoming online space combat title from EA and Motive Studios.  All coverage up to this point had focused on the massive multiplayer dogfights you’ll engage in with pilots around the world.  That changed with the Gamescom trailer, as it finally gave some information on what to expect from the single-player.

While online play puts battling against others at the heart of the action, Star Wars Squadrons’ single player gives you the rich story you’d expect from a Star Wars game.  The adventure kicks off after the destruction of the second Death Star and the Battle of Endor.  Instead of letting the story play out from a single perspective, Star Wars Squadrons lets players see things from two different sides.  The missions you’re given slip you into roles for both the New Republic and Galactic Empire.  Now you’ll not only see the consequences of your actions but also learn how the other side plans to retaliate.

5 rebel fighters walk forwards in a brightly lit cargo bay, two wearing their helmets and the others carrying them.

Before playing on both sides of the battle, Star Wars Squadrons asks you to create a customizable pilot for each faction.  These characters will be your eyes and ears as you work your way through the dual-sided journey.  You’ll also be joined by a series of AI-controlled characters who’ll make up your squadron.   Over on the New Republic side of things, you’ll be teaming with the Vanguard Squadron.  When the story flips to the Empire, you’ll be flanked by members of the Titan Squadron.  As you might expect, pilots from both sides will get tangled up within the story, and you never know how things will play out.

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While Star Wars Squadrons will be rich with single-player content, the first trailer to reveal this mode gave just a peek at a singular mission.  Fans were treated to a glimpse at an Imperial mission from early on, where Admiral Rae Sloane of the Imperial Navy has asked you to find and destroy Project Starhawk, a prototype for the Starhawk class of ships.  Just enough was shown to whet fan appetites, making the wait for launch that much tougher.

5 imperial figher pilots clad in black walk side by side facing forward, while in front of a tie fighter inside of a large cargo bay lit from above and behind.

It’s clear that EA and Motive Studios are putting just as much time into the single-player as they do multiplayer.  Motive has been crafting the single-player story for years now, and they collaborated with none other than the Story Group at Lucasfilm Ltd. to get the job done.  This means the story has been fact-checked to Dagobah and back, and anything these characters do, say, or interact with will mesh in perfectly with the rest of the massive Star Wars universe. The developers even took special care to make sure the story is tailor-made for the cockpit perspective, which is how you’ll take in the vast majority of the experience.

There’s so much more to learn about with Star Wars Squadrons’ single-player, but it’s likely EA will keep most of it quiet in order to not spoil things for players.  Thankfully, we don’t have much longer to wait for the game’s release.  Star Wars Squadrons hits PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 2nd, 2020.

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