Rust Console Cargo Ship Update: Latest News, Release Date Rumours, and More

Rust Console Cargo Ship Update: Latest News, Release Date Rumours, and More

Rust has been playable since 2013, but the console edition only came to PS4 and Xbox in May 2021, but even then, it only arrived with a fraction of the content available to PC players.

Whilst the majority of features were available at launch, there were/are several BIG features missing from the console edition, most notably, in-game monuments.

Monuments act as special locations in the game with high-level enemies and top-tier loot, sometimes also with tricky puzzles to solve too.

One of the more popular monuments in Rust is the Cargo ship, and if you’re wondering when it might release on Rust Console Edition, then look no further than this guide to everything you need to know.

Rust Cargo Ship Update Explained

The Cargo Ship – also known as the “CCSC Lazarus” – is another Rust ‘Monument’, but unlike other in-game Monuments which are structures part of the landscape that do not move, the Cargo Ship is a bit different.

For one thing, it only spawns periodically in-game, appearing every 2 to 4 in-game days.

When it does arrive, it will circle the map a couple of times before leaving entirely. So if you miss it, you miss it.

As you would imagine, the Cargo Ship is inhabited by Scientists just like on the Oil Rig monuments. However, there’s also some pretty decent loot for those willing to venture out to sea.

When Is Cargo Ship Update Coming To Rust Console?

The Rust Cargo ship update is a long time coming. Literally. It was one of the first upates name checked by the developers at Double Eleven when the console edition was first launched.

Prior to launch, the dev team told fans:

We know that you want to see some of the most popular monuments like the Oil Rig and the Cargo Ship in game, as well as new methods of transportation like the horse, for example. Rest assured, some of those features are already being tested internally and we plan to release them in future content updates.

The question is, when will the Cargo Ship come to Rust ConsoleEdition? thankfully, you do’t have much longer to wait.

On June 27 as part of Dev Blog 7 the team at Double Eleven confirmed they’re releasing The Cargo Ship update on the staging branch “in the middle of July”. From here it will undergo the usual testing before the team can announce a release date for the game’s main branch. Here’s the full quote from the dev team:

The update required a little bit more time when compared to others, due to the nature of the content we are adding. The Cargo Ships are moving objects and work more like events instead of fixed monuments. That made the process of porting it a lot more challenging and we had to spend some extra time optimising it in order for it to be ready to be tested on the staging branch. Preparations are almost complete and the Oceanbound update should release in the middle of July over on the Staging Branch … Once the usual tests are completed on the staging branch, and we get to polish the content a bit more, we will then announce a release date for the main branch. Right now our priority is to make sure that the Cargo Ship is functional and that players have a good time when trying to take it over!

How Will Cargo Ship Change The Game?

As per Rust streamer Jade Monkey, Cargo Ship for Rust Console “will change the game forever” especially for solo players and small groups.

“Cargo will help spread out players and keep the large groups (Zergs) moving making it easier for solos and small groups to survive.”

Keen to know more? Have a watch of the video below:

That’s everything you need to know about the Rust Console Cargo Ship update, but stay tuned for more details as we get it. If you’re looking for more Rust content or guides, then check out the links below.

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