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Overwatch Anniversary 2022: Event Start Time, Release Date, Skins, and More

Overwatch Anniversary 2022: Event Start Time, Release Date, Skins, and More
April 1 Update: The standard Overwatch Anniversary event for 2022 appears to have been cancelled in favour of Blizzard's new Overwatch Anniversary Remix events. You'll find full details on what this new event is, and how it replaces the Anniversary event, on the link above!

As the name would suggest, the Overwatch Anniversary event is intended to celebrate the annual birthday of Blizzard’s hero shooter. Unlike other seasonal events throughout the year, the anniversary event cobbles together all modes and events into one giant festival of fun, allowing players to experience their favourite parts of the game out of season. That means you can play a bit of Lúcioball, Junkenstein’s Revenge and Freezethaw Elimination without having to wait for the yearly event in question. Plus you’ll also have more chances to acquire skins you potentially missed out on, as every seasonal event skin is available throughout the event. Keen to know more? Read on for everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2022 Anniversary event.

When is the Overwatch Anniversary event for 2022?

We know that Blizzard usually releases the event at the same time each year, which makes it easy to work out when the event could start in 2022. You can take a look at the table below to see the dates for when the event has previously started and ended. As you can see, the event has traditionally started in May every year, normally on the Tuesday closest to the game’s original release date, which is May 24, 2016.

With all this information at our disposal, we suspect that the Overwatch Anniversary Event will start on May 24, 2022. As for a start time, typically Overwatch events begin at around 2pm ET/6pm GMT. For now, this hasn’t been confirmed as official by Blizzard, so take this prediction with a pinch of salt for the time being.

Year Start Date End Date
Overwatch Anniversary 2017 May 23 June 12
Overwatch Anniversary 2018 May 22 June 11
Overwatch Anniversary 2019 May 21 June 10
Overwatch Anniversary 2020 May 19 June 9
Overwatch Anniversary 2021 May 18 June 8

Overwatch Anniversary

Overwatch Anniversary Event Skins

With every new Overwatch event Blizzard typically adds a variety of new cosmetics for players to collect, including sprays, emotes, victory poses and of course, brand new hero skins.

Whilst players love all sorts of cosmetics, it’s the skins that fans desire most of all, and traditionally we see a handful of new legendary skins released, together with a few epic skins which can be acquired by in-game weekly challenges.

As well as the new skins on offer, players can also unlock older Anniversary event skins released in years gone by, and normally they’re available at a knock-down price. At the time of writing, there have been 49 skins released for the Overwatch Anniversary event and we can’t wait to see how many more get added in 2022.

That’s everything you need to know about the Overwatch Anniversary event in 2022, but make sure to bookmark this page and return as we’ll update it with the latest info as it becomes available.