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Overwatch 2 New Hero Mauga: Release Date, Reveal, Abilities, New Tank and More

Overwatch 2 most recently released the brand new Season 7 for players, which is going to be one of the final ones for the year.

With the recent reworks to heroes such as Sombra, and the upcoming ones to Roadhog, Blizzard is gearing up to reveal a brand new tank hero in the form of Mauga.

Here’s what we know regarding the brand new Overwatch 2 tank hero, Mauga.

Overwatch 2 New Hero Mauga: Reveal Date

Blizzard has now fully revealed the brand new hero Mauga, with a first look at Blizzcon 2023, and they also premiered a brand new trailer to go alongside it.

Overwatch 2 New Hero Mauga: Abilities

Mauga is the brand new tank with the game, and the abilities players will get to use are out of this world amazing.

Check them out below.

    • Chaingun Combo: Mauga wields two formidable chainguns that can be fired individually or in unison. His Incendiary Chaingun, lovingly named “Gunny,” sets enemies on fire when they sustain enough damage. Follow it up with a critical hit from his Volatile Chaingun, known as “Cha-Cha,” for maximum devastation. With the Berserker Passive ability, Mauga gains temporary health whenever he deals critical damage, making him a tanky menace.
    • Overrun: Mauga’s charging ability, Overrun, allows him to break through enemy lines without being stopped by crowd control abilities. He can stomp into opponents, dealing a powerful knockback, making him a formidable front-line presence.
    • Cardiac Overdrive: When the heat of battle intensifies, Mauga activates Cardiac Overdrive, engaging both of his hearts. This creates an aura that reduces incoming damage for allies and allows them to heal while dealing damage, making Mauga a supportive force on the battlefield.
    • Cage Fight (Ultimate Ability): Mauga’s ultimate ability, Cage Fight, unleashes his close combat prowess. This move traps nearby opponents in a cylindrical fighting ring, blocking incoming damage or healing from the outside. Those trapped inside must face Mauga with his chainguns and infinite ammunition, creating a thrilling showdown.

Overwatch 2 New Hero Mauga: Release Date

Players can expect the hero to be payable once the brand-new Overwatch season releases, which is just a few short weeks away.