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NHL 24 – Top Rated Centers: Highest Overall, Potential and More

The NHL series of games is one of the longest running sport video game franchises to date, and over the years EA Sports has been making strides to improve the quality of life for the game, and moreso the players.

With this years release right around the corner, we’re going to breakdown all the top-rated centers within the game for players to use.

Here’s what we know.

NHL 24 – Top Rated Centers: Highest Overall, Potential and More

For those who don’t already know, NHL 24 will be making its way once again on consoles only, as it’ll be playable on the PlayStation 4/5 alongside the Xbox One/Series  X/S. This has been the case for numerous years now, and players have come to expect the game to not be featured on PC or the Nintendo Switch.

NHL 24 will hit shelves on October 6th, 2023, and players are able to view the top-rated centers below, as these are some of the most skillful players witin the league.

  1. Connor McDavid – 95 OVR
  2. Nathan MacKinnon – 94 OVR
  3. Auston Matthews – 94 OVR
  4. Sidney Crosby – 93 OVR
  5. Aleksander Barkov – 92 OVR
  6. Evgeni Malkin – 90 OVR
  7. Steven Stamkos – 90 OVR
  8. Elias Lindholm – 89 OVR
  9. Anze Kopitar – 89 OVR
  10. Mark Scheifele – 89 OVR

Be sure to let us know which ones you are amped to use in this years title!