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NHL 24 – Exhaust Engine Explained: New Moves, Engine and More

The NHL series of games is one of the longest running sport video game franchises to date, and over the years EA Sports has been making strides to improve the quality of life for the game, and moreso the players.

This is where NHL 24 looks to finally fill the void that has been missing for players, and we’re going to breakdown the new Exhaust Engine within the game, and what this means for players.

Here’s what we know!

NHL 24 – Exhaust Engine Explained: New Moves, Engine and More

For those who don’t already know, NHL 24 will be making its way once again on consoles only, as it’ll be playable on the PlayStation 4/5 alongside the Xbox One/Series  X/S. This has been the case for numerous years now, and players have come to expect the game to not be featured on PC or the Nintendo Switch.

In terms of when its going to release, players will be able to dive into the content on October 6th, 2023, and lets just say, we’re amped for all the new featuers including the Exhaust Engine.

This new engine has been described by EA as the following.

A suite of new gameplay features brings an unprecedented level of control to NHL 24. With the new Exhaust Engine, players can experience a complete revamp of the EA SPORTS NHL gameplay experience that rewards extended offensive events and attack zone time, adding a dynamic new layer of authenticity and excitement to the game. Once the in-game Sustained Pressure System is triggered, a visual meter will indicate that Full Pressure is active resulting in the beneficial Adrenaline effect for the offensive team and the challenging Pinned effect for the defending team. The new Goalie Fatigue System affects the netminder’s ability to react to shots as they get worn down over time, which encourages players to constantly keep up the pressure and get more pucks on the net. Total Control Skill Moves completely refresh the control setup and make highlight-reel moves more intuitive and accessible, while the Vision Passing System remaps face buttons to teammates, allowing for more direct passing and the ability to pass anywhere at any time on the ice.