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Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 Patch Notes – New Maps, Weapons, The Haunting and More

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the latest entry within the iconic series, and with the game now being released worldwide, we’re slowly approaching the release of the season update.

Season 6 is going to implement a ton of content for players, including some brand new weapons, and its also going to be the final season before Modern Warfare 3 releases globally.

Here’s what is coming in Modern Warfare 2 Season 6.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 6 Patch Notes – New Maps, Weapons, The Haunting and More

The new season update is going to implement a ton of content for fans to sink their teeth into, and while the game is largely the same; there’s been a lot of balancing changes.

With it releasing on September 27th, players are going to want to get up to speed with the following patch notes.

Four New Maps at Launch: Two Core, Two Gunfight

Season 06 expands the Multiplayer map rotation with four maps: La Casa (Core), Koro Village (Core), King (Gunfight), and Fight (Gunfight). This mix of new and classic environments has something for everyone, whether you’re a tactical mastermind or a true blood run-and-gunner.

La Casa (Core, Launch)

Deploy to the center of paradise in Las Almas, Mexico, in a brand-new map from Infinity Ward. Far from prying eyes and surrounded by high walls, this luxurious estate features a dual-wing layout with living quarters in the east and a massive dining room and offices in the west.

A bridge connecting the two wings looks over the roundabout entrance to the north and the pond to the south, next to a palapa for relief from the sun. Expect crossfire between the separate wings of the estate, and when the action get really hot, dive into the pool and ambush the next enemy who passes by.

Koro Village (Core, Launch)

Wind back the clock to 2005 when the Multiplayer map “Toujane” launched with Call of Duty® 2. If you’ve been playing the series long enough to be familiar with that desert town, you’ll recognize the layout of Koro Village, though you might want to bring along some warmer clothes for the new wintry location.

Tromp through the snow and fight out on the streets or move from building to building, clearing out the opposition. Watch for the yellow ladders offering access to the rooftops, where makeshift ramps connect buildings for easy travel. Use the vantage point to target enemies below and watch your back against intruders looking to claim the upper level for themselves.


King (Gunfight, Launch)

The fan-favorite Gunfight map that debuted in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® (2019) returns in Season 06. Though the warehouse holding the practice range has since become tagged up and overgrown, veterans of King will be right at home with its layout. Book it up over the central deck, funnel into one of the side containers, or try for an early elimination by firing from behind the shooting target walls. In this symmetrical classic, it all comes down to speed and tactics.

Fight (Gunfight, Launch)

The new Fight map offers a different kind of firing-range experience as Operators move through various shoot houses that feature extreme close-quarters engagements. Use shoot houses three and four to get above your enemies and use one and two to fight them on the ground up close. There’s some room for midrange engagements on the outside, but on this small map, the time to engagement is minimal, so be quick on the draw.

The Haunting: Two Map Reskins (Mid-Season)

Starting with the mid-season update, you’ll find the Halloween spirit alive and well with two map updates: El Asilo celebrates Día de Muertos, while Embassy becomes the site of a devastating zombie attack.

El Asilo: Larger-than-life calaveras stand outside the asylum, looking over the festivities of Día de Muertos. Other painted and neon skulls decorate the landscape alongside marigolds, candles, and altars that honor lost loved ones.

Embassy: Diplomacy has broken down: Conduct an evening operation on Embassy following a gruesome zombie attack. The message “Send Help” hangs suspended from the rooftop, but it’s far too late…the zombie attack has already come and gone, leaving structural havoc and corporeal damage in its wake.

A Haunting Twist on Classic Modes (Mid-Season)

Along with changes to maps, the mid-season update is also bringing Halloween twists to a select number of modes. While the overall objectives may be the same, try not to get scared out of your wits while completing them.

Haunting Domination (Mid-Season): Own all the control points on the map as usual. However, in this version of Domination, expect a Scarecrow to act as a marker for each flag.

Haunting Kill Confirmed/Grind (Mid-Season): Instead of Dog Tags, collect skulls in Grind and Kill Confirmed.

Haunting Drop Zone Drop Scares (Mid-Season): Capture and hold the Drop Zone to earn points for your team but take care while opening any crates . . . who knows what might jump out at you!

Haunting Infected (Mid-Season): Zombies swarm to Infected. Players who become infected will appear as The Haunting–themed Zombies.


  • Gear up with new weapons. There’s no horror too great when you’ve got these weapons in hand. Take on enemies with a new Assault Rifle, SMG, a Melee weapon, and a Chainsaw last used on Phobos…
  • BlackCell introduces V4L3RIA. The latest in robotics is ready for deployment as V4L3RIA arrives to lead the BlackCell offering, along with her Tactical Pet named Megabyte.
  • Spawn headlines the Battle Pass. The multiple forms of antihero Spawn headline the Season 06 Battle Pass, featuring additional Spawn Operator Skins alongside other monsters and maniacs arriving straight from the underworld.
  • Open the Gates of Hell. The Gates of Hell have sprung open to reveal… the first glimpse of Season 06’s Halloween-themed Bundles and Operators!