MoAuba Cleans Up At FIFA eWorld Cup 2019

After an intense weekend, MoAuba managed to pluck the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 victory from the reigning champion, Msdossary.

The global phenomenon that is the FIFA eWorld Cup has come to a close this weekend. For a lot of players, the first weekend of August 2019 was a chance to show the world their skills as they fought for the lion’s share of a $500,000 USD prize pool. Of those competing, reigning champion Msdossary was there to fight for a back-to-back win. Despite his momentum, the champ wasn’t able to snag first place, that honor went to the extremely talented MoAuba of Werder eSPORTS.

It was a wild weekend of football for all the players as they took to the field in The O2 in London. The Best Of 16 round started off with a bang for both Msdossary and MoAuba. Msdossary faced off against MegaBit, an opponent who offered quite a lot of resistance in FIFA eWorld Cup 2018. Much like last year, both Msdossary and MegaBit traded goals across the first and second legs of the competition. But thanks to an early 2-1 win for Msdossary, MegaBit was knocked out.

Image credit: Luke Walker – FIFA

For MoAuba, the Best of 16 was a slightly easier ride. Though Pinna97 put up a strong fight in the first match, bringing it to a close with a draw, the second leg saw MoAuba dominate 2-nil. This allowed MoAuba to enter the Quarter-Finals with quite a lot of momentum, where he faced Maestro.

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Maestro was a major driving force this April at the FUT Champions Cup in London, making it all the way to the finals where he faced off against Msdossary. Unfortunately for Maestro, MoAuba provided an exceptional challenge. The two battled it out in the first match, but MoAuba pulled ahead 2-nil. The second round saw Maestro net a goal, but it wasn’t enough as MoAuba landed another 3, finishing the match-up with a total score of 5 goals to Maestro’s one.

For Msdossary, the Quarter-Finals were more of a stomp than the Best Of 16. The reigning champion faced off against GoalMachine, who had landed in seventh place at the FIFA 19 Global Series Xbox Playoffs. The first leg was an incredible moment for Msdossary, as he claimed the victory 4-nil. The second match, however, saw GoalMachine gain some traction, earning 3 goals. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for GoalMachine, as Msdossary kicked 4 goals, bringing his victory to 8-3.

Image credit: Eamonn McCormack – FIFA

The Semi-Finals was a blisteringly close competition for both Msdossary and MoAuba, whose opponents put up an intense fight. Msdossary was challenged by Rafsou, who actually managed to take the first game 2-1. This put the champ on the back foot, needing to outplay Rafsou at every turn. After the spill, Msdossary rallied, and despite Rafsou scoring another goal, sauntered on to the Finals with a 4-3 victory.

MoAuba had an equally challenging match-up against nicolas99fc. The first leg went to MoAuba 4-1, so things were looking pretty good for the German player as he headed into the second leg. But what appeared like a sure-fire victory wasn’t so easy to secure. Nicolas99fc fought back with a vengeance, scoring a whopping 7 goals. MoAuba needed to keep pace, and although his own goals tallied 5, it still brought him out on top at the end with a 9-8 victory.

Image credit: Eamonn McCormack – FIFA

This landed MoAuba in the Finals, where Msdossary awaited. Like two titans clashing, MoAuba and Msdossary came together on the field in the first leg and tested one another’s mettle. The end result was a 1-all draw. It would all come down to the second leg, where $250,000 USD was on the line. After an incredible back-and-forth, MoAuba managed to score one more goal than Msdossary, bringing the end-game results to 3-2 in MoAuba’s favor.

A massive congratulations to MoAuba for taking the victory home to Germany. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for all the competitors!

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