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How to Make Money Fast in Far Cry 5

Learn how to stack up the cash as fast as possible to unlock cool gear.

If you want to buy new guns or cars in Far Cry 5, then you’re going to need a lot of money. Fortunately there are a bunch of reliable ways to earn money in Far Cry 5, and we’re going to break them down for you. Follow our guide and you’ll be running around with multi-colored shotguns in star-spangled SUVs wearing the hottest threads in no time!

Before we get into how to earn money fast in Far Cry 5, let’s talk about where the money is coming from. Throughout Hope County you will find vendors located in towns and the countryside, all of whom will happily sell you guns, ammo and other items, and all of whom will also give you fat stacks of cash for your own wares. When you meet one, choose “Sell Loot” from the menu and you’ll see which items in your inventory can be sold.

How to make money fast

There are three core ways to make money in Far Cry 5: fishing, hunting, and exploring.

If you’re interested in fishing, make sure you check out our guide to where to find a fishing pole, and then head to the nearest lake, stream or river to start casting away and reeling in the moolah. Every fish is worth something to a vendor, and by collecting multiple kinds you can also unlock perk points. There are also quite a few different types of bait and rod to work with to help expedite your fishing.

Far Cry 5 prepper stash

Hunting is another great way to earn money in Far Cry 5, and like fishing there’s a real knack to it with rewards going up depending on how you do. If you can take down your prey quickly and quietly – using the compound bow, say, rather than blasting it with an assault rifle – then you’ll find the skin is worth more to a vendor. Once the animal is down, just walk up to its carcass and you should get a prompt to skin it. The loot is then added to your inventory. There are dozens of different animals to find in Far Cry 5, and there are usually signs dotted around the roads to indicate what kind of animals are in the vicinity.

Finally, some of the best sources of cash in Far Cry 5 are beneath your feet. Hope County is full of prepper stashes – hidden bunkers where residents have squirrelled away dried food, water, and for some reason massive piles of cash and perk points. In order to find prepper stashes, keep an eye out for NPCs with a jewel-shaped icon above their heads. They will tell you the location of a nearby stash, and when you get there you will usually have to solve a basic environmental puzzle to access the loot. Keep an eye out for locked safes everywhere you go, too – they are also a good source of cash. You can speed up the lockpicking process by unlocking the associated perk.

If you’re fresh into Far Cry 5, make sure to check out our piece on things you need to know before playing Far Cry 5, and good luck getting rich quick!

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