GTA Online Agency Safe: How To Access & Max Capacity

GTA Online Agency Safe: How To Access & Max Capacity

After you have purchased an Agency Office in GTA Online from Dynasty8Executive you’ll have access to a brand new office, just like you do in the Nightclub and several more properties in San Andreas.

When you first enter the Agency office, you should notice that it will say you have $0, but almost immediately after you have finished the first mission in GTA Online’s The Contract DLC, you will see a notification pop up saying $250 has been added.

But how does the wall safe work for the remainder of the game? Read on and we’ll show you everything you need to know, including where to find it.

Where Is The Agency Wall Safe?

It wouldn’t be a very good safe if it was easy to find, would it.

The wall safe can be found in your office inside The Agency. It should show a small $ sign on your minimap, which is green when you have cash available to collect

To find the wall safe in your Agency office, head inside and it should be located right of your desk. You should spot a large wooden panel, which is next to four gold records and beneath some shelves.

To open it, walk up to it and the game should show you a prompt in the top left to open the safe. For most console players this means hitting right on the dpad.

Open it, walk up to it and grab your money. That’s it.

How Does Agency Wall Safe Work?

The wall safe will fill up with money every in-game day, but how much depends on a series of factors.

The amount of money that is added to the safe will increase by $500 for every 5 Security Contracts that players complete up to a maximum of 200 security contracts.

This means players who complete 200 Security Contracts will manage to boost their daily safe income to $20k per day.

For those wondering, a day in GTA Online is around 48 real-world minutes that you spend with the game open.

What Is The Agency Safe Maximum Capacity?

Like any real-world safe, it can get full, and the max capacity of the Agency wall safe is $250k.

When the safe is full, the $ icon will turn from green to red and you’ll also receive a text from Franklin telling you that you need to come and empty it.

This goes without saying, but you’ll need to pop in fairly regularly to empty your safe so it can start filling up again. If you don’t empty it, it won’t fill up.

That’s everything you need to know about finding the wall safe in The Agency. If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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