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Ghost of Tsushima The Next Big Hit For PS4

Fans of samurai and intense stealth combat will feel right at home when Ghost of Tsushima launches on the PS4 later this year.

Ghost of Tsushima The Next Big Hit For PS4

The PlayStation 4 has seen a massive amount of success over the years thanks to a lineup of high-quality exclusive games that have provided countless memorable experiences for players. This lineup of fan-favorite exclusives is getting another highly anticipated entry when Ghost Of Tsushima launches on July 17th, 2020. This open-world stealth game will allow players to jump into a historic era of Japan where Samurai were coming into their own as a class, just as the Mongols have begun an invasion. Players will take on the role of Jin. A warrior raised in the ways of the Samurai, Jin must decide whether or not he will honor the way he was raised to maintain a battle he can not realistically win or become a Ghost to protect his home of Tsushima by any means he deems necessary. Not a great deal of information was known about the next high-profile exclusive for the PS4 up until the most recent PlayStation State of Play that took place on May 14th, which gave the community a plethora of new information to dive into before the title’s official launch later this year.

Ghost of Tsushima Exploration

Curious players will be excited to see that Ghost of Tsushima will encourage the curiosity of players to the highest degrees via natural gameplay means. You will find that the guiding wind mechanic will help players navigate the vast and beautiful island they find themselves on when they dive into this PS4 exclusive. This guiding wind feature gives players a unique and visually appealing way for them to plot a course of exploration through the terrain of Tsushima. Players can call on this guiding win at any time to help point them in the right direction when they have become lost.

Another element that will help players in their exploration are smokestacks. These smokestacks will alert you to people who need help, which you can then go on to address and help them out of their trouble if you so choose. Birds flying above you will also lead Jin to specific points of interest on the map that could include hidden locations, so players looking to explore will want to follow these helpful guides to witness as much of this beautiful environment as possible. Abandoned buildings can contain rare resources within their walls, which means that players should take the time to have Jin explore and loot these locations when they are making their way around. Those who are exploring Tsushima will find that there are hidden shrines located throughout the environment. Players can find these hidden shrines by following foxes who will appear and guide Jin to their locations. Luckily, once you have visited an area, you will be able to fast travel there in the future if you wish to go there again instead of having to make your way there on foot.

Exploration is at the heart of the entertaining experience that Ghost of Tsushima promises. Players who embrace this with their full heart and mind will be able to enjoy everything that the world of this PS4 exclusive has to offer to its highest potential.

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Samurai or Ghost

Ghost of Tsushima provides players with two main options when it comes to how they can approach combat and other gameplay elements as the main character of Jin. Samurai pride themselves on being able to outclass their enemies in a straight fight, which is shown through Jin being able to challenge enemies to deadly standoffs. These standoffs are where Jin shines as a Samurai, as he can completely dismantle his enemies with precise sword slashes. Jin possesses the ability to change combat stances, which allows him to inflict the most possible amount of damage against certain enemy types.

While Jin can fight in an honorable way by adhering to the way of the Samurai, players can also choose to have him fight in the role of the Ghost, who has no hesitation with using every dirty trick in the book to gain an advantage of his enemies. One of these tricks consists of Jin being able to lure enemies to their deaths by using distractions instead of facing them head-on like he would as a samurai. One item that Jin can utilize to gain the upper hand against his enemies as the Ghost is the smoke bomb, which can blind the sight of enemies and leave them open to deadly finishing attacks. Kunai can also be used for quick kills when you have been spotted as the Ghost. Fear is a vital aspect of Jin’s arsenal as the Ghost with enemies even falling to the ground in fear when you approach them.

Those who step into the shoes of Jin will have the ability to choose how they will combat the Mongol threat. Will you face the Mongols head-on in an honorable fashion and adhere to your Samurai upbringing, or will you step into the shadows and take out the formidable threat facing your home by instilling fear through stealth as the Ghost? The choice is yours to make.

Ghost of Tsushima Customization

Customization is an essential aspect of Ghost Of Tsushima that will help players and Jin reach his highest potential. The various pieces of armor that players can equip Jin with will give them the ability to make him look exactly how they want. However, the benefits of armor are not only cosmetic, as different pieces of armor offer different mechanics, which allow for even more in-depth customization of Jin for players in the PS4 exclusive. Charms can also be found in the world, which provides Jin with even more bonuses that will help him find success in combat. There is also a variety of flowers that players can find to dye their different armor colors and give them even more control over how Jin appears when they play.

Samurai Cinema

One of the most interesting aspects of Ghost of Tsushima that was revealed in the State of Play was the Samurai Cinema option. This visual option gives players the ability to experience everything that the title has to offer in a way that will make any fan of Samurai movies smile from ear to smile. The back and white and windy effect allow you to feel like you are playing a traditional Samurai movie that will no doubt help you feel even cooler when you are taking down groups of enemies as a Samurai or Ghost.

The latest PlayStation State of Play gave players a treasure trove of exciting details for Ghost Of Tsushima that have no doubt injected plenty of anticipation for fans who will be diving into this PS4 exclusive when it officially launches on July 17th. Ghost Of Tsushima will be giving players a variety of options that will allow them to experience the unique and adrenaline-fueled world it has to offer, precisely how they like. This upcoming title has all of the potential to be one of the next enormous hits for the console that has become a leader in the video game industry.

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