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Destiny 2 – Most Exciting Features

The Destiny 2 reveal stream was one of the best things to happen to Destiny players outside of the Vex Mythoclast coming back into circulation. We’ve been through every moment of Destiny, from the loot cave and the invasion of Crota’s Blades, to all the glitches and tricks the community creates. Now that Destiny 2 is on the horizon, everything is about to change and get a whole lot more awesome. Let’s take a look at the most exciting things coming in Destiny 2!


After the Cabal invade and destroy the Tower, the Guardians must fight back and prove their worth.

Right off the bat, Bungie have promised a more cinematic, character-driven campaign like that which we’ve not seen in Destiny to date. If there was one thing we wanted more of in Destiny 1, it was campaign cinematics and storytelling.

In Destiny 2, the last vestige of humanity is under attack by a Cabal leader known as Ghaul. This monstrously huge bad guy thinks he should have inherited the powers the Traveler bestowed upon humanity, and has taken it upon himself to show the Traveler the error of its ways – by completely obliterating us.

Thankfully, we haven’t died in his opening attack, and it’s up to us to fight back, round up the survivors, and take the fight to Ghaul. The campaign in Destiny 2 is shaping up to be a bombshell!

Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors gives Destiny 2 a dungeon experience.

Shifting gears outside of the campaign and into extracurricular activities is the addition of Lost Sectors. In Destiny 2, Lost Sectors are a sort of dungeon crawling experience. Imagine fighting across a Patrol space, only to see a symbol on a wall that indicates a Lost Sector is nearby. Follow the path into this Lost Sector and you’ll come across a boss of some variety. Kill the boss and collect the loot!

Not a lot is known about how the Lost Sectors will work in Destiny 2, but the more there is to do while on Patrol, the better!

New Locations

With new planets reveal, Destiny 2 is going to take us further than the Solar system.

We’ve spent three years racing across the Cosmodrome, Archer’s Line, Waking Ruins, and The Barrens on our Sparrows, and now it’s time for us to say goodbye to the Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars.

Destiny 2 will introduce us to three brand new planets, and an entirely new location on Earth. Humanity’s home is Earth, so it’s only right that we get to stay and experience another location, this time it’s the European Dead Zone. This Zone has been referenced numerous times throughout Destiny, but Destiny 2 will be the first time we see it.

The new additions are a mysterious planet known as Nessus that has an AI, or perhaps a Warmind, called Failsafe presiding over it. We’ll be venturing to Titan, a moon of Saturn (maybe we’ll see Oryx’s calcified body floating around?), and Io, a moon of Jupiter. These new locations have their own striking beauty that we cannot wait to explore.

New Supers and Abilities

Sentinel, Arcstrider, and Dawnblade are the new Supers, while the others have been reworked!

In Destiny, the best things – after the gunplay – were the Supers and Abilities. In Destiny 2, all the old Supers are either gone or have been reworked in some fashion. Warlocks, say goodbye to your Sunsinger because now you have the Dawnblade where you can summon a fiery sword and hurl flame at enemies.

Titans, you lose the Defender but gain the Sentinel. Summon a shield that you can smash into enemies or throw at them. You’ll become your own Captain America. And Hunters, the short range Bladedancer is no more. Say hello to the Arcstrider, wield a staff made of electricity and slam your enemies around!

New Weapons and Armor

Deck out your Guardian with new armor and weapons.

Destiny wouldn’t be the game it is if not for the loot. From sitting in front of a cave shooting enemies, to killing Omnigul over and over again, Guardians care about loot almost as much as Cayde-6 cares about his map.

Destiny had a variety of weapons ranging in rarity, from the low level white gear, through to the green gear, up to the Rare and Legendary gear, it was always a treat to see what you got next. Don’t even get us started about Exotic gear. We’re still thankful we had enough Strange Coins to purchase Gjallarhorn when Xur sold it.

Now with Destiny 2 on the way, we cannot wait to get our hands on these new Exotic weapons and armor. The sleek designs and awesome perks make these pieces of gear all the more special. I wonder what our first Exotic will be in Destiny 2…


Crucible has been tweaked, favoring eSports-friendly callouts and HUD information.

Crucible is changing in Destiny 2 with new modes being added, callouts being built directly into the systems, and a revamp to the number of players in a match. Revealed during the stream was a gamemode called Countdown, a bomb planting and defusing mode made of attackers and defenders.

As for callouts, the HUD will provide more information than ever before. You will know, at a glance, who activated their Super and what it was, who picked up Power ammo and what weapon it was for. This will streamline the battle and allow you to make educated plays.

Part of making these educated plays also comes down to how you hear things in the Crucible. Using a headset such as the Stealth 420X+, with its Superhuman Hearing, you can discern enemy locations and the weapons they are using by sound alone. Sometimes visual clues aren’t enough, and hearing the toss of a Lightning grenade can save your life!

Finally, there seems to be a shift away from 6v6 and 3v3 to a stable size of 4v4 players. Though, there’s no word on what this means for Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris, or even if these events will be returning in their old form in Destiny 2.

In-Game LFG

Now you can team up with people using the in-game LFG system.

Anyone who’s ever played Destiny will know the challenges of finding someone to fill a hole in your group. From using sites that offer the classic “Looking For Group”, to randomly messaging strangers in The Tower, it’s difficult to organize people.

Bungie have recognized this and are adding a mechanic called Guided Games, where Clans can advertise themselves and people can ask to be invited into a Clan to play. At the end of the play session, the Clan can open up an invite to the new player!

This is an excellent want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to give every aspect of Destiny 2 a go. No more missing out on doing a Raid because there’s no one online to play with!

Destiny 2 Coming to PC

Destiny 2 is coming to PC - enough said.

Probably the biggest announcement and the surprise we were most excited to hear was that Destiny 2 was coming to PC! Gamers who preferred to game at a desk or on a laptop, or those who just weren’t able to purchase a console, missed out on experiencing the first three years of Destiny. However, now that Destiny 2 is coming to PC and all current-generation systems, the Destiny family will be growing ever larger!

While there’s no release date for the PC version of Destiny 2, PC gamers can rest assured that they will be able to play one of the largest and most successful gaming franchises ever created. The good news for PC gamers doesn’t end there, because Destiny 2 is going to be able to reach some impressive benchmarks, with unlocked framerates, 4K resolutions, and more! We can’t wait to see what it looks like on our rigs.

Destiny 2 is now only a few months away, and as every day passes and new information comes out, we grow even more excited. The Beta for Destiny 2 is also around the corner, so be sure to check back here for our impressions!

What are you looking forward to about Destiny 2?