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Call of Duty: WWII Resistance – The Darkest Shore Nazi Zombie Tips

Get some tricks up your sleeve before you land on The Darkest Shore in the latest Nazi Zombie map in COD: WWII.

Gaming headset maker Turtle Beach dives into the new COD: WWII DLC Zombies mode.Call of Duty: WWII’s The Resistance DLC is here, bringing with it a ton of new content for avid COD players, including a new chapter for the terrifying yet addictive Nazi Zombie mode: The Darkest Shore. Surviving against the horde of the undead isn’t an easy task: you’ve got ammo concerns, weapons to unlock, power to turn back on, and just general survival strategies you need to enact. Before you take the plunge into The Darkest Shore, get up to speed with some tips to help you send those Nazi zombies back to hell.

How to Turn on the Power

Before you can really dig into the new Nazi Zombie chapter, your first order of business is to get the power back on so you can access the rest of the island. As with most maps, there are two switches to find in order to restore the power. The first one powers the doors, upgrade machines, and other pieces of tech, while the other powers the mine carts below the island.

To find the first power switch, head to the Bluffs from the spawn room and down to the U-Boat Pens. In this darkened and eerily-lit room you will spot a bright white light, it’s here you’ll find the switch to turn the lights back on.

The second switch can be found once you access the Overlook. Once here, head down into the Artillery Bunker where you’ll find the second switch – easy! This one takes a little more time to reach, as it’s locked further into your zombie-killing experience. Once the switch is flipped, the mine cart system will be active, allowing you to zip around the island.

Take Your Time

A horde of zombies is scary, but stay calm and shoot carefully.

No good ever came from rushing about like a madman. The surest way to get overrun is to panic and start shooting wildly. When you first start The Darkest Shore, you’ll need to aim true and clear the waves of zombies on the shoreline to earn enough Jolts to progress further. It’s a good idea to use the mounted machine gun to save some ammo, but just be careful of zombies spawning behind you.

As you progress deeper into the island, you can start using the space to your advantage. Corral the zombies into a pack, and even try leading them back to the beach to gun them down with the turret. However, if you do need to take them down with your own weapons, always aim for the head, even those wearing a helmet – no sense wasting precious ammo.

Know Your Surroundings

With a headset like the Elite Pro, you will be able to pick up on audio cues for where zombies are located.

This island is one foggy lump of earth, which is why it’s so important to know the environment like the back of your hand. As the fog rolls in, your sightlines will be limited to only a few feet in front of you, making it exceptionally challenging to take down any zombies at range.

What can help you overcome this visibility challenge is a headset like the Stealth 600 for PS4 with Superhuman Hearing. Because your vision is compromised, you’ll have to rely on audio to paint a picture of what lies ahead (and behind!), which is why the Stealth 600 is ideal. Groans and moans are amplified, helping you pinpoint your next zombie target with absolute efficiency, all thanks to 50mm speakers that deliver crisp and clear audio.

Save Your Jolts

Everything you do in Nazi Zombies is going to require Jolts. Opening doors, interacting with machines, purchasing weapons, all of these are going to slowly drain your account. Frugal usage of your Jolts is a good idea, only spending exactly what you need and saving up enough to unlock new areas. This gives you more room to run around, putting precious distance between you and the undead horde.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should never spend Jolts, because you’ve gotta spend Jolts to make Jolts! You can’t very well earn large amounts of Jolts if you die to the early waves, so purchasing better weapons is absolutely essential to your survival in The Darkest Shore.

The Resistance DLC pack for Call of Duty: WWII seems to be a meaty offering, especially with The Darkest Shore, the latest chapter in the Nazi Zombie saga. Fighting off the undead is thrilling and terrifying all at once — I mean, the fog alone adds a whole new element of fear. The Resistance is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.