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Apex Legends To Add Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Maps As New LTM, According To Leaks

Apex Legends To Add Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Maps As New LTM, According To Leaks

Apex Legends Dataminers are claiming that a handful of classic Titanfall 2 multiplayer maps could come to Respawns’ free-to-play battle royal shooter.

According to one of Apex Legends leading leakers – KralRindo – the game’s most recent update has added several new game files which are heavily hinting at some sort of upcoming LTM content.

“Capture Point locations added for another upcoming gamemode, they also added a lot of new maps for this ltm,” KralRindo wrote on Twitter.

Where things get particularly interesting is when you look at the actual filenames, which was also shared by KralRindo on Twitter. The list of filenames is found below:

  • mp_rr_exoplanet
  • mp_rr_homestead
  • mp_rr_angel_city
  • mp_rr_black_water_canal
  • mp_rr_boneyard
  • mp_rr_crashsite
  • mp_rr_rise
  • mp_rr_eden
  • mp_rr_colony

For anyone who doesn’t know – and as KralRindo later explained – these are all names of Titanfall 2 multiplayer maps.

As per CharlieIntel, these Titanfall 2 maps are likely set to arrive as part of an already leaked LTM called ‘Ball Game’.

Reportedly the mode will involve scoring points with a ball at various “capture points”.

The initial leak, which was reported by Dexerto, claims that the mode will take place on the Titanfall map Colony, so quite where the other multiplayer maps fit in isn’t immediately clear.

Respawn has previously stated their intention to add more Titanfall-themed content to the game, but only “when it feels ready.”

Having already added the character of Ash and the CAR SMG weapon from the game, Titanfall-related multiplayer maps feel like a natural next step.