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All PC and Xbox Cheats In Starfield

Starfield is perhaps one of the most anticipated games we’ve seen in quite some time, and Bethesda has lived up to expectations.

With the game spanning numerous planets, some of us may get bored from time to time and want to use some cheats.

Here’s all the cheats in Starfield.

All PC and Xbox Cheats In Starfield

For those who don’t know, Starfield is perhaps one of the most anticipated releases for the year, and Bethesda is pulling out all the cards in order to make the game a major success. 

With all this said, players that dive in may want to trigger the in-game console, which an be done via the tilde key, or ~/ `. 

However, if you’re playing on Xbox, players aren’t able to use cheats as of now, but we’re sure this will be added later down the line.

Once this is complete, players will be able to enter in these cheats, and below are all of them in Starfield as of now.

  • Toggle God Mode 
    • Cheat Code: tgm
  • Toggle Immortal Mode 
    • Cheat Code: tim
  • Player Spellbook 
    • Cheat Code: psb
  • Toggle Detect .
    • Cheat Code: tdetect
  • Toggle Combat AI .
    • Cheat Code: tcai
  • Toggle No Clip 
    • Cheat Code: tcl
  • Spawn Items/Weapons/Armor/Credits 
    • Cheat Code: additem <Item ID> <Value>
  • Attach Weapon and Armor Mods
    • Cheat Code: <Ref ID>.amod <OMOD ID>
  • Remove Weapon and Armor Mods
    • Cheat Code: <Ref ID>.rmod <OMOD ID>
  • Kill All NPCs 
    • Cheat Code: killall
  • Kill All Hostiles 
    • Cheat Code: kah
  • Resurrect NPC 
  • Unlock Doors and Containers
    • Cheat Code: unlock
  • Show Sleep / Wait Menu .
    • Cheat Code: showmenu sleepwaitmenu
  • Set Character Level 
    • Cheat Code: player.setlevel <Value>
  • Add Items to Inventory 
    • Cheat Code: player.additem <Item ID> <Value>
  • Spawn Items, NPCs, and Creatures at your Position .
    • Cheat Code: player.placeatme <Item ID> <Value>
  • Pay Off Bounties.
    • Cheat Code: player.paycrimegold 0 0 <Faction ID>
  • Open Character Creator.
    • Cheat Code: showlooksmenu player 1
  • Remove Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds 
    • Cheat Code: player.removeperk <Perk ID>
  • Add Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds 
    • Cheat Code: player.addperk <Perk ID>
  • Add 1,000,000 Credits (value can be adjusted) – player.additem 0000000F 1000000
  • Add a Breach Shotgun – player.placeatme 000547A3 1
  • Add an Urban Eagle Pistol – player.placeatme 0026D96D 1
  • Add a Legendary Spacesuit – player.placeatme 0007B2B9 1
  • Add a Legendary Helmet – player.placeatme 0010A25E 1
  • Add a Legendary Pack – player.placeatme 0010A25D 1