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Tips To Win Big In Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Gambit Mode

Become the ultimate Gambit player by keeping in mind a few simple tips.

Destiny has dominated hundreds of hours of our time, and now that Destiny 2: Forsaken is here, we’ve been sucked back into the fight for humanity. What makes Forsaken so unique among the Destiny releases is that it ramps up the challenge, adds in a bunch of secrets, and introduces a supremely addictive new activity: Gambit.

This new mode mixes together PVE and PVP, a perfect concoction for those gamers looking for a taste of both worlds. Though if you want to improve your odds of winning (let’s face it, winning is great), then you’re going to want some tips to make it out on top in Gambit!

Accounting 101

The whole point of Gambit is to collect motes, deposit them in the central bank, and kill your Primeval before the other team can do the same. What sets a good team apart from a great team is communicating the collection of motes and the timing of deposits.

Each wave of enemies that reaches your arena only has so many motes to offer, so if all players rush in to collect, you could be missing out on summoning large blockers quickly. A great strategy is to assign two players to collect motes while the other two defend and get kills. Setting it up in such a way guarantees that you will be able to acquire the 15 motes necessary to summon a large blocker to the enemy arena, or even a medium blocker for 10 motes.

This is where communication plays such an important role. Divvying up the tasks is made easier with a headset like the Elite Pro. This Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak Technology allows your commands to be heard across even the loudest of commotions. Asking for mote counts, assigning who should collect next, and organizing when to bank is critical to the early-game success, so keep the comms open!

Hello, Is it me your’e looking for?

Gambit takes a big old slice out of the Dark Souls series and allows players to invade each other’s arenas in an explosive 30 seconds of action. Invading isn’t all fun and games though, and while it’s possible to win by invading whenever, consistent success requires a more tactical approach.

When 25 and 50 motes have been deposited, the portal in the arena will open, allowing one player to invade the other team. These numbers are represented by the segmented bar at the top of the screen, making it easy to tell at a glance how close your team is to sending an invader over.

Just because the invader has an overshield and the ability to see where every player is on the map doesn’t mean a guaranteed four kills. To improve the odds of a successful invade, considering the timing of the invade. A great strategy is to deposit a large sum of motes (10 or 15) right before invading. Doing this causes a blocker to spawn, locking down the enemy’s bank, and giving the other team one more thing to deal with while the invader is wreaking havoc.

The Big Bad

All this mote collecting and invading the enemy team is mounting toward one final stand: fighting the Primeval. This giant Taken enemy is the final hurdle before one team is marked as the winner of the round, but killing it requires a little more strategy than just “shoot it”.

Summoning the Primeval requires a team to deposit 75 motes into the bank, at which point the race is on. After chipping away some of the Primeval’s health, the enemy team will be offered a free invade to try and stop you, be careful, because dying to an invader will directly heal the Primeval. However, this can be used to your advantage.

If your portal is open and ready to be used when the enemy team’s Primeval is summoned, don’t rush in, instead, wait for them to deal some damage. Invading when the Primeval hasn’t lost any health is an invasion wasted!

Another key element to killing the Primeval is taking down its envoys. During the fight, several powerful enemies will spawn on the platform and killing them grants a damage buff. By killing both envoys, you can ensure your team deals significantly more damage to the Primeval, which comes in handy when it’s a race against the other team to kill it.

Gambit is a real game-changer for Destiny 2, as it brings together both sides of the experience: PVE and PVP. Though it’s certainly enjoyable for casual players, those who want to win every match will need to attack it with a strategic mind and communicate with their teammates. Is it time for you to get your game on in the new Gambit mode?