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Tips for Tracking Down a PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch

Every little bit of info can help secure that console!

Tips for Tracking Down a PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch

‘Tis the season for new gaming hardware!  Both Microsoft and Sony released their next-gen platforms recently, and millions of gamers are eager to get their hands on them.  Unfortunately, tracking down the PS5 and Xbox Series X is harder than spotting Santa himself.  Even the Switch, which released over 3 years ago, is still incredibly hard to find.  It seems no one can keep their supply in step with demand.  

Are you trying and failing to find one of these systems?  Don’t give up hope yet, friends!  We know the hunt can be extremely frustrating and the mission seems downright impossible, but with a few tips and a lot of luck, you might be able to score the platform of your dreams before the year ends.  Here’s your best bets when it comes to locking down that purchase instead of seeing another out-of-stock message.

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Shop Now

Social Media Shuffle

There are numerous stores constantly restocking the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch.  The trick is knowing when these new units are ready to scoop up.  One of the best ways to do that is to hop on social media like Twitter or Facebook.  Head to the official accounts for the retailers you want to purchase from and give them a follow.  Stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and so on have been really good about giving their followers a heads up when new stock is arriving.  You’ll still have to fight the virtual masses when listings go live, but at least you’ll have a chance.

Stock Snoopers

If you want to increase your chances of finding a console, you can always turn to sites that specialize in tracking stock.  Sources like BrickSeek and NowInStock focus on tracking multiple retailers to get a jump on stock replenishments.  You can snoop through the retailers you want to buy from, and then set alerts that’ll notify you as soon as the consoles come in.  Again, it’s still going to be tough due to the sheer amount of people trying to buy hardware, but persistence is the key.

Buy Local

While big-name retailers like Amazon don’t have a local option, other suppliers have numerous locations around the country.  You might be surprised to learn that the console you want is out of stock for online purchase, but sitting on the shelves at your local retailer.  Whenever you go to a retail site to search for a console, make sure to put in your zip code and cast a wider net than usual.  You can often find a location within fifty miles or less that’ll have a console in stock.  Your luck will vary depending on which system you want, but there’s definitely a shot that the store twenty miles away has one unit just waiting to find a home.

Obey Wario

There may be no greater source on the internet for console alerts than the almighty Wario64.  No one knows who this mysterious Twitter user is, but they sure have a stranglehold on the retail scene.  While Wario64 is usually posting great gaming deals all year long, they’ve shifted their focus to console purchasing ever since next-gen arrived.  Literally thousands upon thousands of people have managed to snag their desired platform thanks to Wario64’s work.  Wario64 tracks nearly every retailer around the world that stocks these systems, and you’ll be notified the second new stock is dropped.  Wario64’s skills are uncanny and his dedication is unwavering.  If you absolutely, positively need a new console this year, we’re not joking when we say Wario64 could be your best bet by a long shot.

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