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Things You Might’ve Missed In The Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Did you find all the weapons and spot all the cool easter eggs and callbacks in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? 

Things You Might’ve Missed In The Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If you recently finished the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and are processing everything that actually happened, you may also be wondering if you missed anything.

With so much detail and depth added to the game, there are definitely a few things that can be missed if you rush through , or are unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy series as a whole.

To help satiate your curiosity, we’ve put together a quick feature going over some of the things you might’ve missed in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! 

Spoilers ahead!

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Things You Might’ve Missed in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Hidden Weapons and Items

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a game that encourages you to explore all areas of the map rather than rushing through from one point to another. That said, you can rush through certain areas if you’re feeling impatient or tired, but if you do this be warned that you may miss out on hidden weapons and items tucked away inside of chests.

In particular, many of the weapons you find in hidden chests are well worth it, like Cloud’s Twin Stinger or Aerith’s Reinforced Staff. A few examples of weapons you might’ve missed include: 

  • Cloud’s Twin Stinger: Ok, the the Twin Stinger isn’t as hidden as the rest of these weapons… Found in Chapter 17, the purple chest containing Cloud’s Twin Stinger can be found near a set of stairs while making your way through Passage C in the Shinra Building. Can’t miss it!
  • Tifa’s Sonic Strikers: Found in Chapter 7. In Mako Reactor 5, after heading through another room with Airbuster terminals, you’ll see the purple chest containing Tifa’s Sonic Strikers in the paasageway to the next room.
  • Tifa’s Feathered Gloves: Found in Chapter 10, after you’ve cleared the water in Aqueduct 1. Explore beyond the sliding gate that you just opened to find a purple chest with Tifa’s Feathered gloves inside. 
  • Tifa’s Purple Pain: Found in Chapter 16. While playing as Tifa inside the Shinra Building, climb and swing across the lights until you drop down into the lobby area below. Here, instead of taking the ladder back up to continue on, use the lights to the right of the ladder to the reach the purple chest containing one of Tifa’s best items. 
  • Aerith’s Mythril Rod: Found in Chapter 11, hidden in the Sector 7 train switchyard. After walking through a train compartment, the way forward will be up a ladder on the left. Instead, explore to the through another train compartment to find the purple chest containing Aerith’s Mythril Rod (if you get attacked by 2 scorpion things you’ve gone too far, turn around!).
  • Aerith’s Reinforced Staff: Found in Chapter 17. The purple chest that contains Aerith’s Reinforced Rod is located… right next to you in the room when you start the chapter. Yeah, again, not that hidden, but just be sure you snap it up before you miss it regardless!

Side Quests

Exploration in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is useful for more than just finding chests. By exploring and talking to all of the characters you encounter, you can even pick up side quests too.

All of the game’s side quests are optional, but they can all be useful when it comes to earning Materia, items, or even the ability to use fast travel.

A few useful side quests to run through that we enjoyed and recommend include the following: 

  • Kids On Patrol: Inside Leaf House, Ms. Folia will ask you to track down some missing students. After finding them, they’ll ask for your help with a mysterious monster known as the ‘Toad King’ which is essentially a boss version of the Hedgehog Pie enemies in the game. After helping the kids, you’ll earn the Nail Bat weapon for Cloud. 
  • Missing Children: You can earn the Time Materia by completing this side quest which is an add-on to the Kids On Patrol quest. Again, Ms. Folia will ask for your help in finding some missing kids. After dispatching some Phantom enemies and completing the side quest, you’ll net yourself the Time Materia.
  • Chocobo Search: In Sector 5, you’ll meet one of Chocobo Sam’s Stablehands. After speaking with him, you’ll be asked to help find three lost chocobo. When you’re able to track them all down and return to the Stablehand, you’ll get Sam’s Lifetime Pass which you can use for fast travel via some handy chocobo rides. 

Again, you’re going to want to carefully explore each area, open chests, and run through all of the side quests that are offered to you to ensure you receive all weapons and items in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. 

Mako Reactor Time (20 vs. 30 minutes)

When you reach the part of the story where you need to set up a bomb on the Mako Reactor, you’ll be asked to pick an escape time with the two options available being 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

Technically, both options will work, but only one of these will reward you with a bonus cutscene. To ensure you spot this cutscene, you’ll want to select ‘20 minutes’ and run through the scene.

After things calm down, you’ll spend a little extra time with Aerith in a bonus cutscene and will earn additional rewards from characters like Jessie. 

Dart Rewards

While playing darts can feel like a fun mini-game in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there’s an extra reason to spend some time playing darts in 7th Heaven.

If you’re able to beat the scores of other players and net 1st place, you’ll earn a special reward from Wedge in the form of the Luck-Up Materia.

Even if that Materia isn’t something you want or think you will use, it’s still satisfying to get something from your dart skills. 

Callbacks to Other Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy is a series with hilarious advertisements and clever callbacks, and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is no different. As you explore, you’ll spot ‘Banora White’ posters which may seem like a plain apple juice ad. However, it’s also a callback to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIII. 

Along with Banora White, there are Loveless posters that reference a fictional play also from the Final Fantasy VIII universe. Meanwhile, you can find a man wearing a mask in a group photo of Shinra employees that serves as a callback to a kid who wears the same mask in Final Fantasy X-2. 

Seeing as how the game is a remake of the original Final Fantasy 7 game that released in 1997, you won’t be surprised to hear a reference was included in 7th Heaven. When you sit at the bar, look at the Eggs & Chips sign.

In an alcove near the sign, you’ll spot two grainy, pixelated photos. These were in the original Final Fantasy 7 game, and were added to the remake without a graphical update, looking exactly as they did in the 1997 classic. It’s subtle, but definitely a fun way to give a nod to the original.

Victory Fanfare

The Final Fantasy series has some of the best video game music of all time, and you can hear it throughout the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. However, if you listen carefully, you may notice something interesting.

After completing certain battles with Barret in your party, you’ll hear him hum the Victory Fanfare song.

If this method of song delivery feels familiar, it may be because Prompto from Final Fantasy XV does the same thing in humming the Victory Fanfare song. Cool, right? 

The examples above are only a few of the things you might’ve missed in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. As a whole, the game is absolutely massive, with an average completion time of 40 hours. This makes it easy to miss little throwbacks and hidden Easter Eggs. 

Fortunately, eagle-eyed Final Fantasy fans have continued to post things they’ve found in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake online along with fan theories on some of the story elements and minor changes that were made.

If you have a moment, we highly recommend reading through the Final Fantasy subreddit for additional details you might’ve missed

Did you find something interesting in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake that wasn’t mentioned above? 

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