The Top Retro Horror Games You Should Play This Halloween Season

The Halloween season is a perfect time to revisit some classic horror games from the past that deserve a remastering treatment.

The Top Retro Horror Games You Should Play This Halloween Season

The spooky season has officially arrived, folks. You know what that means. It is time to dust off the cobwebs of the best retro horror games and relive the terrifying entertainment they delivered to players in the past.

Halloween fans are no doubt excited to experience the ghoulish word of Medievil once again with the fan-favorite game’s remake releasing on Friday, October 25th. With this in mind, we have decided to gather together five retro horror games you should experience this year, and are ideally suited for getting the Medievil remake treatment.


What a horrible night to have a curse…

We can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than stopping Count Dracula from taking over the world. This is precisely what you will be tasked with when jumping back into the classic gothic horror game of Castlevania. Set in Dracula’s castle, this particular platformer thrusts players into controlling the character of Simon Belmont. Players have an arsenal of vampire-killing weapons they can utilize to defeat all of the terrifying enemies they will come across throughout their adventure.

The power of modern game development would allow a Castlevania remake to deliver its fan-favorite story, setting, and action in a way that would undoubtedly draw the excitement of any horror fan back to its signature world.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

It is hard to imagine a scarier situation than seeing all of your neighbors being attacked by a plethora of classic horror movie monsters. However, that is precisely the scenario you will experience when you dive into the title of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Players can play as Zeke or Julie in single-player or as both characters in the game’s two-player mode. You must utilize an array of weapons and power-ups to defeat the various kinds of horror movie monsters trying to kill your neighbors. You can’t beat a Halloween party where you and your friends see who can rack up the most kills against the likes of Werewolves, Vampires, maniacs with chainsaws, demonic babies, and many more creepy enemies.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors being remade would provide the current generation of gamers the opportunity to experience the fun of mowing down waves of classic horror movie monsters. Updated graphics would also ramp up the creep factor to terrifying levels.


You would be hard-pressed to find a video game player who has not at least heard of the horrors that F.E.A.R has been providing players for years. F.E.A.R combines the action of a first-person shooter with the nightmare-inducing storytelling and environment of a top tier horror game. Players control a member of a First Encounter Assault Recon unit who is tasked with eliminating a rogue psychic known as Paxton Fettel. However, you soon learn that a terrifying entity known as Alma is what you should be genuinely fearing as you experience a multitude of horrific situations throughout your adventure that will have you jumping from your chair.

Remaking F.E.A.R with today’s development technology would allow for a much more satisfying first-person shooter gameplay experience. It would also provide an opportunity to create even more terrifying elements through a total revamp of the iconic title’s graphics.

Alone in the Dark

This entry on our list is known as the first-ever 3D survival horror game. You take on the role of Edward Carnby, who is a private investigator tasked with finding an antique piano for Emily Hartwood. Emily is an antique dealer who wants to acquire this particular piano. She hopes it will help explain why her uncle committed suicide in the mansion where the game is set. The terrors of the game start off immediately, with players being found defenseless against a zombie stalking you in the attic of the mansion. This horrifying scenario is just the start of your adventure to discover the unsettling mystery of the creepy mansion.

A remake of Alone in the Dark would have the ability to show off plenty of exciting terrors that Resident Evil fans would jump at the chance to experience in a revamped experience of the classic title.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

You will not see any adrenaline-pumping jump scares in the point and click game of I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. The horrific nature of this title comes from its extraordinarily creepy and dark content that sees players take on the roles of five survivors. These five survivors are the last living humans following a Supercomputer known as AM wiping out the rest of humanity 109 years prior. Players must survive a dark and unsettling story created by AM to redeem themselves where they will experience a wide range of terrifying psychological and physical torture.

A modern remake of I have No Mouth, and I Must Scream would provide a genuinely creepy experience thanks to improved graphics. It would also be an excellent choice for the topic of a new interactive Black Mirror movie.

Halloween is a great time to jump into an array of titles that have helped pave the way for the horror genre in the video game industry and deserve a high-quality remake.

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