The Last Guardian – A synergy of different art forms

When a deep and rich storyline meets art in every little detail and the music is not just an afterthought, but base for emotional context, a real masterpiece is created. We have been waiting for news on The Last Guardian seemingly forever, and now we know that this gem in videogame art will actually arrive. Fumito Ueda has always given his fans a rich soundscape that tied perfectly into the storytelling and overall art concept.

For fans of the music of The Last Guardian, there are different ways to enjoy the score, both in the game, via a music player app for the PlayStation 4 (which allows the export of the tracks onto an external drive as MP3s) and as a special vinyl release of the whole soundtrack.

Sony Japan has released a video about the creation of the music for The Last Guardian, including interviews with composer Takeshi Furukawa and a look at the recording sessions with the London Symphonic Orchestra, Trinity Boys Choir, and London Voices.