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The Best Weapons in Apex Legends

Increase your chances of being the champion by using the best weapons in Apex Legends.


There are a lot of weapons to use in Apex Legends, and while you won’t be finding all of them every match, it’s a good idea to know what gun to pick up. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to hone your game-winning skills, we’ve got you covered!


There aren’t a lot of quality pistols in Apex Legends. Most of this archetype is good for the initial landing and scrapping, but after that you’ll want to throw them in the trash. The one exception to this is the mighty Wingman. The Wingman is a heavy-type pistol that can deal devastating damage in a steady hand. Throw on a skullpiercer hop-up mod and you’ll be dealing even more damage per shot. Even if you don’t have accuracy that rivals an aim bot, the body damage is still more than enough to make an enemy run for cover.


In close quarters combat, shotguns rule the game, especially the Peacekeeper. While some people might suggest an SMG, if you’re looking for straight-up burst damage, you can’t go past the Peacekeeper with the precision choke hop-up. With enough shells in the gun to kill two players or more, the Peacekeeper will keep you safe in close quarter fights. This shotgun will be good in any situation, from the early game right through to the end game.

R-301 Carbine

Out of the three assault rifles on offer, the R-301 Carbine is the only one that uses light ammo. For a lot of people, this drop in damage might be a bit of a turn off, but it more than makes up for it with its rate-of-fire. Thankfully, even though it does have a high RoF, it doesn’t kick like a mule, and with a slew of attachments, you’ll be able to guide the rounds in with laser-like focus.


There are two light machine guns in Apex Legends, and the only one worth picking up is the Spitfire. Sure, the Devotion does excel at dishing out damage, but that’s only possible after you work through the long spool-up time and by then you’re already looking to reload. However, the Spitfire doesn’t rely on energy ammo, in fact it uses heavy ammo so you can either diversify your loadout or stockpile the blue stuff.

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G7 Scout

Let’s get this out of the way: all the sniper rifles are great weapons in Apex Legends, the G7 Scout just happens to be extremely versatile. Whether you’re pinging shields from across a canyon or getting into a scrap indoors, the Scout will have you covered. Slap on some attachments and a decent scope and you’re set for the mid-game and well into the late. The G7 does suffer from some extreme bullet drop, so keep that in mind when tracking a target.


The Longbow is going to be a prime candidate for any player that thinks they’re a crack-shot sniper. With too many attachment slots to count, the Longbow can be upgraded to god-like levels, especially with the skullpiercer hop-up. This little beauty will be knocking your enemies onto their knees with a single shot, two if you can’t hit the headshot. Grab the Longshot and start picking off players before they even know you’re in the same area.

Picking the right weapon for the job in Apex Legends is all part of the fun. If you happen to find one of these guns lying about on the field, pick it up and start unleashing destruction on your enemies. Let us know in the comments what guns you love to use in Apex Legends!

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