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The Best Moments From The FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series Europe

The Best Moments From The FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series Europe

The real world of soccer is barely back out of the changing rooms. But while clubs are fumbling with their laces, the virtual pitch has been playing host to some seriously thrilling matches thanks to the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer CupSeries: Europe which took place over the weekend. 

Featuring some of the best names in digital football (of the spherical kind), the Summer Cup featured three full days of footie which culminated in the crowning of the European Champion. In case you missed the kick-off, or if you’re just looking to relive the excitement, we’ve picked out the best moments from the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series: Europe for you to enjoy below.

The Best Moments from the FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series Europe


Ollelito’s unbeaten run

Okay, so you’ll have to forgive us for indulging in a bit more than a single moment, but NiP’s Olle “Ollelito” Arbin stunned everyone watching by going unbeaten throughout the entire event, and every single one of his matches is worth a watch. With star players from Italy, Germany and Britain expected to shine, it was Sweden that claimed control of the Summer Cup as two players entered the Top 4. Ollelito’s journey to the trophy – which came close to seeing him eliminated in the opening round – included beating several FIFA titans along the way, and has certainly put him on everyone’s radar as a hot contender for the future.

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Mkers Prinsipe pulls off the comeback against DullenMIKE

Having competed in and claimed many tournaments over the last few years, Daniele “Prinsipe” Paolucci is a seasoned FIFA professional. That kind of cool-headed experience comes in handy when your back is pressed against the wall. Facing young star DullenMIKE in Day 1 of the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series: Europe, Prinsipe found himself in a tough spot during the second match of the series. 65 minutes into the last game, the Italian let a goal slip by his defence to leave the aggregate score at 3-1 in DullenMIKE’s favor. But in impressive fashion, Prinsipe kept his wits about and pressed hard to come back and claim victory with a tightly orchestrated goal in extra time.

DullenMIKE scores the goal of the tourney

The match may not have gone his way, but DullenMIKE certainly gave us a show in his battle with Prinsipe. One goal up in the first game, it’d be tempting for many to hold the lead with a defensive playstyle. The idea, it seems, never crossed DullenMIKE’s mind as he tapped the ball between four different attackers, opening up space for Ronaldo to set up an ostentatious fake into a blistering goal.

Diogo dishes out style with a roulette goal

Football is all about creating that key opening. Usually that requires an orchestrated effort from the whole team, but as Sporting CP Esports’ Diogo Mendes showed in his match vs NEO Gorilla on Day 2, sometimes one player is all you need. Surrounded by defenders, he edges back and forth before spinning a beautiful roulette, slipping past the defenders to slot a goal home. Lovely stuff.

The Grand Final

A Grand Final should be a showdown between the best of the best. For audiences, there’s nothing better than a game that sees two titans push each other to the limit, and that’s exactly what the ultimate game of the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series delivered as Ollelito took on Tom ”Hashtag Tom” Leese. 

Coming from the winners bracket, Ollelito had beaten Tom once already to secure his place in the final. By all accounts, it looked like Tom wasn’t ready for a rematch, all but handing Ollelito three easy goals. As we all assumed the matchup would be a washout, Tom ignited a fire, striking back with four of his own goals. Eventually, though, Ollelito came out on top 6-4 to earn the title of EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series: European champion.

You can catch up on all the full days of action over on the FIFA Esports YouTube channel if you want to watch any of the moments as they happened. Did you enjoy the event? What was your highlight?. There are still five more regions to face off in the Summer Cup Series, with Oceania next to hit the pitch from July 21-23.

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