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The Best Demos and Streams From The Steam Game Festival

The Best Demos and Streams From The Steam Game Festival

The Steam Game Festival was a PC gamer’s dream come true.  Valve goes out of their way to show the insane amount of amazing titles both in the works and now available for the PC with countless live-streams, and over 500 demos for consumers to try out.  There’s simply no way you could have went through every piece of content the Steam Game Festival had to offer, which is why we’ve done some of the dirty work for you!  Here are a few of the must-play demos and can’t-miss streams(which also have demos) you have to check out.


Little Nightmares II

The original Little Nightmares ended up being a sleeper hit for developer Tarsier Studios, mixing cinematic platforming with a horror backdrop to create something unforgettably terrifying.  Now the team is coming back with a sequel, and you can give it a test drive before ponying up the cash.  This time around, Six from the original Little Nightmares teams up with newcomer Mono in another freaky adventure that’ll have your heart pounding and pulse racing.  Make sure you play with the lights on!

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Narita Boy

Ready for a retro-fueled, neon-soaked adventure?  Narita Boy drops you into the Digital Kingdom, and it’s your job to find a way out.  With the power of the Techno-sword, you’ll fight your way through Stallions on a mission to not only save the world but yourself at the same time.  Filled with mystery while paying homage to both classic games and cinema from the 80s, Narita Boy is a completely new experience and a wild nostalgia ride at the same time.

Minute of Islands

There are plenty of games in the Steam Game Festival that push graphics to the limit, but titles like Minute of Island aim to do so in a unique way.  Instead of millions of polygons and an overload of ray tracing, Minute of Islands catches your eye with absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn visuals.  While the presentation is sure to capture your attention at the start, the game’s strange lands and mysterious creatures will keep you engaged.  This is a narrative adventure that looks to evoke some real emotions from the player, so be prepared for some heavy, heady content.


Balan Wonderworld


Wondering what Yuji Naka, the man behind Sonic the Hedgehog, has been up to?  He’s actually got a brand new 3D platformer in the works, and it’s coming to PC soon.  Naka and Square-Enix have teamed up to create Balan Wonderworld, a colorful throwback to the days when titles like Banjo-Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon ruled the industry.  Does Yuji Naka still have what it takes to create an iconic platformer in a time when first-person shooters dominate PC gaming?  Watch the Steam Game Festival crew give it a go and see for yourself!

Operation: Tango


Playing a game on your own can be a blast, but it’s always more fun when you bring a buddy along for the action.  That’s exactly what the asymmetrical spy thriller Operation: Tango is all about.  Playing as either special agents or elite hackers, Operation: Tango absolutely requires you to work with your teammate in order to clear puzzles and advance.  More often than not, each player will have their own unique rooms and setups, but the key to solving your puzzles rests in your partner’s room.  Can you work together to achieve a common goal, or will communication fall apart, making for a mission impossible?

In My Shadow


The developers behind In My Shadow joined a Steam Game Festival stream to shed some light on their upcoming innovative puzzle platformer.  You’ll play as the shadow of a young girl who’s doing her best to navigate not only some perilous platforming setups but her own painful past as well.  Instead of visiting the classic tropes platformers usually encompass, In My Shadow creates environments out of shadows themselves.  Leap from the shadows of coffee tables and couches found throughout the young girl’s home while piecing together the trauma that was birthed there.

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