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Surviving the End of the World in Days Gone

Learn the best strategies for surviving the Freaker infestation in Days Gone.

Days Gone on PS4 ProSurviving the zombie apocalypse in Days Gone is no easy task. There are Freakers to contend with, horrendous infected beasts, and the constant danger of man. It’s a hostile world and you’re going to need the best strategies for surviving the days, and the nights. Let our helpful tips and tricks keep Deacon and his brothers and sisters alive to fight another day.

Days Gone Survival Guide

Deacon is a man of many skills in Days Gone. He’s got some knowledge of how to survive. He’s got some combat skills and some firearms finesse. He’s even got some know-how on driving a motorcycle. In order to push through the story and see everything there is to see, you’ll need to take these survival skills to their limit.

Learn When to Fast Travel

Fast travel in any open-world game takes off a lot of the pressure and time of traveling. To fast travel in Days Gone, simply select a location you’ve discovered and you’re good to go. However, while fast traveling in Days Gone offers some security and time-saving, there are some risks.

The first risk you need to think about is fuel consumption. Your bike is going to use fuel, so you’ll need to judge whether you’ll have enough fuel to continue or whether you can refuel at your destination. There’s nothing worse than winding up in the middle of nowhere with no fuel to continue.

The other problem is the time of day. When you set off on your journey, it might be bright, sunny, and safe, but when you arrive it could be a different story. If it’s night when you reach your destination, you could wind up encountering much more terrifying monsters. Consider whether you are well-prepared for a night fight before fast traveling.

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Upgrade Deacon’s Bike

You’ll be riding your hog more than you ride anything else in Days Gone, so treating her right is a good idea. As far as being a good bike owner goes, you’ll want to start on some upgrades. At the start of the game, the bike is just there to move you around, but as you progress it’ll become more of a tool for survival.

Upgrading your bike requires a few things: Trust and a mechanic. Each encampment controls an area of the map and helping them out grows their trust in you. Once you have enough Trust, you can have that encampment’s mechanic fix up your bike. Consider upgrading the exhaust and the fuel tank, as being quieter is always helpful as is having more gas.

Find Fuel, Save Fuel

Your bike is going to need more than just upgrades, it will need fuel. The precious go-juice of the metal engine is found all around the world. It’ll be tucked away in dark corners in fuel cans or even at a mechanic’s shops. There are also gas stations dotted around the map. These helpful locations are highlighted by a fuel icon, so keep your eyes peeled as you discover new locations.

One trick to conserve gasoline is all in how you drive your bike. While you need to accelerate while moving across flat ground or up hills, you don’t need to when going downhill. Anytime you head downhill, release the gas and let gravity do all the work – unless of course you really need to go fast.

Earn XP and Level Up

As an open-world game, Days Gone lets you earn experience points and level up. If you’ve any chance of surviving, you will want to start earning as much XP as possible. You earn XP for everything you do in Days Gone, be it killing a horde of Freakers or helping someone with a side mission.

Instead of rushing through the main story, take the time to really explore the world. There are dozens of characters who need your help and the rewards are worth the time and effort. While you’re doing these missions, try and kill as many enemies as possible. Each kill will net you some experience, which over the course of a mission is going to greatly increase your earnings.

Surviving the end of the world in Days Gone is a scary affair. While Deacon St. John is a strong man, there’s only so much he can do by himself. With our helpful tips in mind, you should be able to push Deacon to his limits and truly conquer the Freaker-infested world.

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