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Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., the much beloved Animal Crossing: New Horizons has brought in numerous items from the Mushroom Kingdom to pay homage to the groundbreaking series. What are these items? What could they possibly do? How many bells do they cost? Look no further for all the answers.

1-Up Mushrooms (1-Up – 2,000 Bells, Super – 1,350 Bells)

Both of these classic mushrooms are available to decorate your island, each sporting their iconic green and red coloring. Taking up a single block of space means they are easy to move around and look great on a table, and activating either one will have them play back their respective sound-bites to hit you in the feels.

? Block – 1,350 Bells

Who doesn’t love smashing his or her head on the underside of a ? Block to see how many coins they can get? While you can’t jump in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, simply walking underneath this floating block will immediately make it pop up with a satisfying “ding” as a coin spits out of the top and disappears. Standing underneath won’t make it continue to spit coins, but if you keep moving it will keep plucking that nostalgic chord.

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Blocks – (Normal Block and Floating Block) – 1,000 Bells

If you ever wanted to decorate your island to be more like the Mushroom Kingdom, these blocks will surely get the job done. Taking up every inch of a one-block space, these can be placed as borders, fences, or lining a path. You can even place items on top of the grounded Block like a table and they do look absolutely perfect, but they don’t serve a function otherwise and they sadly cannot be smashed.

Home Decor (Block Flooring – 3,000 Bells, Mushroom Mural – 3,000 Bells, Floor Rugs (Lakitu’s Cloud – 1,500 Bells, Yoshi’s Egg – 1,55 Bells) If you really love the classic Mario, you can’t go wrong with this flooring and wallpaper combo. The Mushroom Mural is a wallpaper for your home that depicts the original Mario game! Complete with piranha plants coming out of pipes, glowing coin blocks, and more. This of course goes perfectly with the pixel-perfect Block Flooring. Looking for a rug to go with that new Block Flooring in your home? Lakitu’s smiling cloud or the unmistakable Yoshi’s egg are both available as floor rugs to add a nice bit of Mario flair to any room in your home.

Coin – 350 Bells

One of the best items you can purchase during this event, the coin will spin slowly in place and entice you to pick it up. Walking into the coin will make it disappear with that satisfying ding. Is it worth 350 bells? Of course! After a moment the coin reappears right where you left it, meaning you can drop an entire path of coins for your friends to run through like a classic Mario stage.

Fire Flower – 1,500 Bells

Another item that looks beautiful in the world of Animal Crossing. The Fire Flower will happily sway back and forth wherever you plant it (why not drop a few in your garden?) and activating the Fire Flower will set off the short but sweet fireball sound.

Goal Pole – 3,500 Bells

A must have for every island, the goal pole is your classic flagpole poking out from a small brick parapet. Activating the pole will signal the classic sound of completing a stage while swapping the flag between Mario and Bowser and back again. Decide which one best represents your island or just switch it every time you walk by.

Mushroom Platforms (Small – 1,000 Bells, Large 3,000 Bells)

It has to be called the Mushroom Kingdom for a reason, right? While the small platform makes for a great side table, the Large platform is something else. Significantly taller and wider, it would look great in any forest or to make that Mario aesthetic pop, but it might be a little taller than you expect.

Pipe – 5,000 Bells

This one is the single most functional item during this event and one of the absolute best to have. The classic warp pipe can be placed all over your island and used just as you might expect: to pop up at another pipe anywhere on the map. This can make for incredibly speedy travel from location to location.

Shell – 700 Bells

The shell is another item that looks fantastic but functionally doesn’t do much. The familiar green shell can sit quite neatly on a table or counter, but activating it not only sets off the click/bonk noise of stepping on a koopa, but also sends the shell spinning wildly on the spot. It will spin indefinitely until activated again, and if you are so inclined, it can be taken to a crafting bench and customized to be a red shell (not blue, though).

Super Star – 2,000 Bells

That beautiful shining star is right here and available just for you! This iconic item sits nicely on any flat surface with its golden shimmer, and should you walk up and be brave enough to touch it, the star will begin spinning like mad and playing that iconic Mario track of being indestructible.

Thwomp – 3,000 Bells

The Thwomp of course is the giant spiked brick which, when approached, becomes furious and slams into the ground trying to crush you. In Animal Crossing the Thwomp floats above the ground and will drop down as you approach it, however nothing can pass underneath the Thwomp. This feels like a missed opportunity to give the Thwomp a delay and let players or villagers pass by underneath for fun. Instead, it simply takes up a large amount of space for something you can only interact with by walking near it.

Of course, we also can’t forget the awesome costumes you can purchase to dress up you and your villagers as some classic Mario characters. Each outfit comes in 3-4 pieces to complete, with Luigi, Mario, and Wario each costing 6,300 Bells. Princess Peach, however, will run you 20,000 Bells.

We hope you enjoy these Super Mario Bros. themed items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.  Perhaps Nintendo will follow this with items to celebrate The Legend of Zelda turning 35 this year!

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