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Stealth 600 For Xbox One – All About the Microphone!

Stealth 600 For Xbox One – All About the Microphone!

Whether you’re alerting your team that you’re moving up to cap a point, tipping a squad-mate off about an imminent flank, or even bragging about some sick new loot you picked up (and your best friend didn’t) – crystal-clear communication when playing online is everything. That’s why we made the microphone on the Stealth 600 our best yet.

To start, the Stealth 600 for Xbox One has an adjustable, flip-to-mute mic. To use the mic, gently push (“flip”) the mic forwards. You will hear a tone (low high) when the mic itself is unmuted. When the mic is fully pushed forwards, the mic will “lock” into position. To mute the mic, just flip the mic back the other way. You will hear a tone (high low) when the mic is muted.

If other players are unable to hear you in Xbox Live Chat on your Xbox One console, please check the following.

1. Check That The Headset And Console Are Paired/Mic Monitor is Functioning

The Headset and Console need to be paired to each other in order for the mic to work. Make sure that the Headset and Console have been successfully paired. To do so:

  1. Press the Xbox/Home button on the Xbox One controller.
  2. Go to Settings >> All Settings >> Kinect & Devices >> Devices & Accessories.
  3. You will see the controller you are currently using; you should be able to scroll to the right to see other devices being used with the Console. The headset will appear in this list as “Headset”.
  4. As an additional test, speak into the mic. If the headset is paired, you should be able to hear your own voice through the headset. Can you hear yourself through the headset when you speak into the mic?

2. Party Test – Check for Icon Ring

  1. Press the Xbox/Home button on the Xbox One controller.
  2. Scroll to the Party tab, and select “Start A Party”. You do not need to invite other players to this party; you can perform this test alone in the party.
  3. Speak into the mic. When you speak into the mic, does a ring light up around the icon next to your Gamertag (in the list of party members)? If so, continue to the Test Message.

3. Record a Test Message

  1. Press the Xbox/Home button on the Xbox One controller.
  2. Scroll to Messages >> New Conversation.
  3. Choose a friend from the list. You will not be sending this message, so you don’t have to choose a specific person.
  4. After you choose a person, two options will appear: Write a Message (pencil icon on left) and Record a Message (mic icon on right). Select the Record a Message/Mic icon on the right.
  5. Select Record, and then speak into the mic. When you are done recording, stop the recording.
  6. The new recording should appear under the Write a Message/Record a Message icons. Select Play, and listen to that recording you made. This will tell you how your voice will sound to other players. Can you hear your voice clearly?

4. Power Cycle Headset/Console

To perform a quick power cycle with the Headset/Console, please do the following, in this order:

  1. Press and hold the Power Button on the Headset until the Power LED turns off.
  2. Power down the Xbox One Console. When it has fully powered down, unplug the Console from the wall outlet.
  3. Let everything sit for a minute.
  4. Plug the Console back in, and power the Console on again.
  5. Press and hold the Power button on the Headset until the Power LED lights up.
  6. Re-pair the Headset and Console. To do this:
    • First make sure the Headset is powered on.
    • Then, press the Pairing Button on the Xbox One console. The LED on the front of the Console should start blinking.
    • Then, press and hold the Connect Button on the Headset until the LED starts flashing rapidly, indicating that it is in pairing mode.
    • The Headset and Console will pair. When this happens, the Console will show a “Headset Assigned” message, and you should hear a tone. The Headset and Console LEDs will both be solid. You should be able to test the mic again.

If the same inconvenience persists even after completing the above tests, please contact our Support Team and let us know. We’re happy to assist you further!

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