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Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão: Abilities, Gadget, Weapons and More

Rainbow Six Siege is now gearing up to release another Season, and this time around we’re going to get a get bit cold with Operation Deep Freeze. 

With the update looming, there’s no better time to dive into the brand new operator, Tubarão and all we know about him.

Here we go!

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão: Abilities

Each new character in Siege brings a brand new gadget to shake up the meta, and the brand new defender Tubarão is no different.

His Zoto Canister, will work as follows.

“Feel the chill of the new Zoto Canister. The Zoto Canister is a throwable device that can can slow enemies, freeze devices to pause their deployment and prevent use, and even leave footprints behind if the frozen area is walked on.”

Rainbow Six Siege Tubarão: Weapons

In terms of the full kit that Tubarão is going to be able to use, it’s listed as follows.

  • Primary Weapons
    • MPX
    • AR-15.50
  • Secondary Weapons
    • P226 MK 25
  • Gadget
    • Nitro Cell
    • Proximity Alarm
  • 2 Health
  • 2 Speed

We’re amped to see how this operator shakes up the meta, as he appears to be one of the strongest defenders currently in the game as of now, but we never know until the new season releases soon!