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Rainbow Six Siege Reputation System: What’s Changed Explained

Rainbow Six Siege is now gearing up to release another Season, and this time around we’re going to get a get bit cold with Operation Deep Freeze. 

With the update here, there have been some changes to the reputation system that players are going to want to know beforehand.

We’re going to break them all down below.

Rainbow Six Siege Reputation System: What’s Changed Explained

This brand new update will be the final update for 2023, and it will add the defender Tubarão.

Ubisoft has implemented some lengthy patch notes during the seasons release, and one notable action item was the Reputation system being tweaked one again, and now Ubisoft have release a blog post detailing the changes of this system.

Here’s what they had to say.


With the Reputation System, we are staying true to our core pillars:


Following our core principles, we aim to shield our players against toxicity, curb in-game disruptions and negative behavior, encourage “pro-social” behavior, reform or remove toxic players, and more, while ultimately reinforcing the cooperative nature of Siege.

Our guiding philosophy with the Reputation System itself is that each player should know why they have a particular Reputation Standing, what they can do to modify their playstyle or interactions and improve their position in the Reputation System. We want to ensure that players have the proper tools available to them and the opportunities to make any necessary adjustments. This release of the Reputation System marks an essential step for us, and with player feedback being a crucial part of our strategy, we will be listening to your thoughts and concerns.

There’s a lot to be said here, and it feels like they’re aiming to find the perfect balance finally for the Reputation system, as it has been in limbo for numerous years.

Check out the full blog here.