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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze Patch Notes: New Map Lair, Reputation Changes and More

Rainbow Six Siege is now gearing up to release another Season, and this time around we’re going to get a get bit cold with Operation Deep Freeze. 

With the update looming, it’s no better time to run over all the patch notes for players below.

Here’s what we know!

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze Patch Notes: New Map Lair, Reputation Changes and More

Every Siege season comes with a brand new batch of changes and implementations to improve the game, and this time in Operation Deep Freeze is no different.

Ubisoft has already outlined some of the changes coming to the game, and these are noted below.

New Map: Lair

“Every villain needs a Lair. This facility, found on the coast of Portugal by members of Wolfguard, is Deimos’ base of operations. It has restricted access points from the air, the sea, and underground tunnels, making it both incredibly versatile and near impossible to assault on a larger scale. Its halls and rooms are a testament to Deimos’ methods, traditional and sophisticated, while the sprawling exterior speaks to his style, with an ominous beauty that is both fascinating and unnerving.”

Reputation Update

“This season introduces a Reputation System update, and we are now entering a new phase with the Grace Period. We’ve added information about the impacts a player’s standing will have in the future and updated the Reputation section to provide more details about a player’s standing and what’s affecting it.

Starting this season, all players will have entered grace period to onboard and adapt to the new system. Once the grace period is concluded, players can expect impacts to become live. For now, these updates are to warn players and give them a chance to improve their standing without any penalties.”


Many updates and changes have been made to Frag Grenades for Operation Deep Freeze and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

First, the power level of Frag Grenades was lowered so they’re more in line with other gadgets, rather than being as effective as Operator abilities. To achieve this, we have removed the ability to cook Frag Grenades. This will even the playing field by making them no longer as viable or in some cases even better than Operator abilities. We did not make this decision lightly and explored multiple options before deciding this was the right course of action to ensure over-all balance and health of the game.

Thanks to this change we can now more comfortably redistribute this secondary gadget throughout the operator roster opening up new synergies and tactics. Frag Grenades, they have been added as an option to Osa, Lion, IQ, Blackbeard, and Sens. Players will still have some control over the gadget because Frag Grenades have been given the same fuse system as Stun Grenades, meaning the fuse time is reduced to 2 seconds with the first bounce if it was higher before.

  • Initial fuse time: 4 seconds (from 5).
  • Reduced fuse time: 2 seconds.

The bulletproof glass of Mira’s Black Mirror can also be shattered if a projectile drills into it and explodes from the inside, such as Ash’s Breaching Round or Kali’s Explosive Lance.