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PlayStation Plus Games of The Month – November 2023 Releases and More

PS Plus has been undergoing a bit of a revelation as of late. With Sony releasing their equivelant of Xbox Game Pass a few months ago, with access to titles from the PS2 and PS3, they’re also still rotating games out every month.

With a brand new month here there’s bound to be new titles for players to check out on PS Plus, and we’re going to break it down for you below.

Here’s what we know!

PlayStation Plus Games of The Month – November 2023

Every month PS Plus releases around 3-6 new games for players to release, and most recently they’ve been some recent releases, and this month appears to be the same.

Furthermore, these games are ones you’re going to want to add into your libary even if you aren’t going to play them right away.

As, they’ll be in your libary for quite some time, so you never know if you might revisit them!

In terms of what games are going to be announced for this month, we can assume this will come in the coming days; as Sony still has not made any announcements regarding this.

Be sure to check back in a couple of days!