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Overwatch 2 To Buff Mauga Upon Release In Season 8

Overwatch 2 most recently showcased some of the features coming to their game in the coming months at the annual Blizzcon.

With heroes such as Venture being teased for Season 10, Mauga will join the crew in Season 8, and the developers have already buffed him ahead of release.

Here’s what we know.

Overwatch 2 To Buff Mauga Upon Release In Season 8

While Blizzcon 2023 has passed now, players got to check out the brand-new hero, Mauga during a weekend-long event, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive for the most part.

However, players noticed that he did feel a little bit to weak, especially for a brand new character, and Blizzard has taken note of this, as Aaron Keller has noted they’re making the following buffs to him.

  • Replace a chunk of his health with armor. We’re experimenting with 150 internally.
  • Reduce the size of his head’s hit volume.
  • Increase the damage reduction on Overrun. Originally it was at 30%, we’re testing it at 50%. Also, this can no longer be interrupted by Hack.
  • Increase the lifesteal on Cardiac Overdrive.
  • There are quite a few changes in flight for his weapons. We’re testing different spreads and firing rates when using both guns simultaneously, as well as different damage, ammo, and falloff numbers. We’ll have more details on those as they solidify.

Keller also noted: “After the trial, we also heard feedback that he felt pretty weak. Our stats show him a bit on the average to weak side, with him underperforming even more at higher-skill tiers. We would like Mauga to feel strong at launch, so we’ll be implementing a set of changes to his tuning at the start of Season 8.”

So, get prepared to be dominated by Mauga in Season 8 of OW2.