OpTic Gaming Enters Dota 2 and Overwatch League!

The Elite Pro headset with OpTic Gaming speaker plates from gaming headset manufacturer Turtle Beach.That. Just. Happened. For the first time ever, OpTic Gaming is opening up and adding another genre to their line-up. No longer will OpTic Gaming focus solely on shooters, because now they’ve got their hand in that Defense of the Ancients (Dota) pot. The competitive Dota 2 scene better prepare themselves, because the Green Wall is coming!

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In their latest episode of Vision, “Take Off”, OpTic Gaming revealed that they are making their grand entrance into Dota 2 with a team built of some of the best players the community has ever seen. Making up the team of five are: ppd, MiSeRy, Zai, CCnC, and Pajkatt.

Dota 2Those who have their finger on the pulse will immediately recognize these names. The one and only ppd led Evil Geniuses to three consecutive podium placings at The International, including a 2015 TI5 Championship. After a stint of not playing, pdd has returned to the scene with the desire to create his own team, and through OpTic Gaming he has been granted that opportunity. He will be the captain of the team and play the Position 5 Support Role.

Pajkatt will take on the role of the Position 1 Carry, and will be responsible for farming and carrying the team to victory.

ppd shares a snap on Tiwtter of the team’s first day of boot camp.

At 19 years old, CCnC is one of the youngest talents to blast into the arena and a player you need to keep your eye on. From making plays to and exceptionally precise laning abilities, CCnC will no doubt become a crowd favorite as he takes on the Position 2 Mid-Lane player.

Zai has several years’ worth of play under his belt, making him a huge asset for OpTic Gaming, especially when he can transition so easily between different roles on the team. He’ll be playing as the Position 3 Offlane player, where he can put his impressive knowledge to work.

OpTic Gaming announced a new Dota 2 team, with players here seen wearing the Elite Pro by gaming headset maker Turtle Beach.

Rounding off the roster is MiSeRy, a name that no one could ever forget. If you’re looking for a Dota 2 veteran, look no further, because MiSeRy has been around the block and has a huge wealth of experience to draw from. This is why he’ll be taking on the Position 4 Support role, as this gives him an opportunity to use his past experience and incredible understanding of the game to overcome their opponents.


OpTic Gaming kicks into Overwatch

For fans of Overwatch, OpTic Gaming has some more exciting news, as they managed to secure a spot in the Overwatch League preseason! The Houston-based franchise will be among twelve groups to compete when the preseason launches on December 6.

From there, OpTic Gaming will be fighting for a spot in the regular season that runs from January 10 through to June, with the playoffs and finals in July. In an Overwatch League press release, CEO of OpTic Gaming, Hector Rodriguez said, “It’s an absolute honor to represent the great city of Houston in the Overwatch League. This is another significant milestone in OpTic’s history and a testament to the loyal support of our fans. We’re excited to continue shaping the future of esports and bring the OpTic passion to the rapidly expanding Overwatch community.”

Next year is shaping up to be huge for OpTic Gaming. With two new games under their belt, the Green Wall grows larger and more formidable. The massive support for OpTic Gaming is already being felt in these new games, as fans flock to the game’s subreddits to express their interest in how to play. Over in the Dota 2 subreddit, the players who have been around for years are welcoming the new additions with open arms while the OG fans are trying to soak up as much as they can about this new game genre. There’s no denying it, OpTic Gaming bring their amazing fan base with them wherever they go. We can’t wait to see what comes next!