There’s a Big Reveal in the Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Destiny 2 will be an Earth-shattering success for Bungie and Activision, and with less than two weeks (wow, that came around fast!) until the launch of Destiny 2, we all get to feast on a brand new trailer.

Revealed at Gamescom 2017, the Destiny 2 Official Launch Trailer is 2-and-a-half minutes of drama, suspense, action, and most importantly: story. There’s a running gag that goes something like this: “Whoa, I never knew Destiny had a story” and now we can all finally move past that and appreciate the lengths Bungie have gone to in order to inject what appears to be a heavy-hitting narrative.

There are a lot of details in this trailer, the first of which occurs right at the start. It appears as if something is spreading across the Traveler, emanating from the device the Cabal placed on it. Is this the Light being drained from the Traveler or is it some kind of net the Cabal will use to remove the Traveler from Earth?

More importantly, the big reveal we mentioned, and what you just witnessed in the trailer, is that the Speaker is not actually dead – as a few believed given his disappearance from the Tower during the Beta – but a prisoner of Dominus Ghaul.

Though we might not have the same connection with the Speaker that we have with Cayde-6 (that lovable scamp), we at least appreciate the real and present danger of Ghaul, and now the Consul, having what is essentially the only person who is able to speak with the Traveler.

For those that might not be in the know, the Consul is the main villain in charge of the entire Cabal fleet and Dominus Ghaul is his leading man who controls the Red Legion. Now that both of them are together, it begs the question: will we kill one at the end of the campaign and fight the other in the raid?

Meanwhile, over on the DestinyTheGame Twitter, a rather serendipitous teaser was posted. In this teaser we see some object, potentially the moon or maybe a planet or ship, eclipsing the Sun all while Ghaul boasts about what he has managed to achieve.

At around the 10-second mark we also see what appears to be some device sucking the energy right out of the Sun. All of this is leaving a sense of foreboding in our stomachs. The Speaker is captured, the Guardians have been exiled, Ghaul and the Consul are here on Earth, and the Sun is being drained of power. I guess we’ll have to wait until September 6 to play Destiny 2 on console and October 24 to play it on PC to find out what’s going on and how we can help!