The Best Soundtracks of E3 2018

Picking a song to go with a trailer is tough work, but these games made the right choice.

E3 2018 has come and gone, and while we saw a lot of exciting games, one thing that has stuck with us all these days is the beautiful, and oftentimes exhilarating, music. Whether the trailers were fast-paced and full of action or more sombre and thoughtful, their music was paired exceptionally well with the content.

Team Sonic Racing

Gotta go fast! And what better way of going fast than by listening to this pulse-pounding trailer of Sonic Team Racing that features the sick tunes of none other than Crush 40. The colorful and fun-filled song manages to capture exactly how it feels to be Sonic, tearing around a course with friends, pulling of sweet mid-air tricks and boosts. Though it wasn’t one of the biggest E3 2018 surprise announcements, Sonic Team Racing is looking to be an absolute blast, with its fast and furious team-based driving and that thumping soundtrack.

Death Stranding

If you’re still trying to work out what’s going on in this wild game, don’t worry, here’s everything we know about Death Stranding, and while you read that, listen to these chill and eerie tunes from the latest trailer. The name of the song is Asylums for the Feelings featuring Leila Adu, performed by Silent Poets, and it ties together the whole sense of the unknown that’s on display in Hideo Kojima’s latest masterpiece.


Tunic is a gorgeous looking indie game currently in development at ID@Xbox that pits players as a fox in a dangerous world that is heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda. Using an isometric view and a unique artstyle, Tunic sets itself apart from other adventure games with its carefree and peaceful music. The trailer manages to evoke a sense of exploration and wonder, two important themes in any action adventure game. We can’t wait to see – and hear! – more about Tunic in the coming months.


The gorgeous piece in the Sable trailer was composed by Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast. Zauner is actually the composer of the entire original soundtrack of Sable, so expect to hear more experimental pop-like tunes throughout this unique looking game. Sable is another indie game included in the ID@Xbox program, it’s awesome to see so much talent and unique vision included in the Xbox conference.

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny trailers have always had high octane and pulse-pounding soundtracks, but when Bungie uses a dark and sombre tune, you know something’s not quite right. The song in the Destiny 2: Forsaken trailer is about as dark as it gets, especially when you consider the subject matter and the lyrics. As Cayde-6 lies lifeless at the feet of Prince Uldren, the song lyrics ask, “but if there’s nothing on the other side, why can’t I leave well enough alone and go to the light?” It’s a deeply moving question, especially when we consider the potential fate of our dearly beloved Exo, Cayde-6. The song is called Go to the Light by Murder by Death, just in case you want to hear more of this emotional song to prepare yourself for the toll of losing Cayde-6 on September 4.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is quickly becoming a worryingly common point of conversation in our day-to-day life, and the trailer shown at E3 2018 only made it worse. The thumping beats and the synthetic quality of the music, created by Hyper, perfectly sets the tone for the game. We can’t wait to cruise through a rainy, neon-lit street, belting to the deep bass of the amazing soundtrack.

There were ton of trailers shown at E3 2018, and all of them had fantastic music paired with the visuals, but these were by far our favorites. Let us know in the comments what trailers you think had the best tunes!