PlayStation Will Reportedly Reveal Xbox Game Pass Rival Next Week

"I Am Spartacus"

PlayStation Will Reportedly Reveal Xbox Game Pass Rival Next Week

PlayStation looks set to unveil its Xbox Game Pass rival, which is believed to be codenamed Spartacus, at some stage next week, according to a new Bloomberg report published today.

‘Spartacus’ is said to combine Sony’s two existing subscription services – PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now – into one service that will run on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Supposedly PlayStation Now will be phased out following the merge.

Unlike either existing subscription service though, Spartacus is said to feature three tiers of content, with each tier offering more content for increasing price points.

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The first tier is said to be your basic package, which includes the existing PlayStation Plus benefits like online play and free monthly games. The second tier would then offer a huge catalogue of games similar to Xbox Game Pass, however, Bloomberg notes that first-party titles won’t be included at launch – something Xbox does with all titles.

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The most intriguing tier is also the most expensive, and will allegedly include game demos, games available for streaming, and a library of classic games from the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP. Given PlayStation doesn’t currently offer any backward compatibility options, it’ll certainly be intriguing to see what’s included with this third-tier option.

“Right now they are called ‘essential’, ‘extra’ and ‘premium’,” VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb claimed on his Giant Bomb show.

The pricing, again could be a placeholder, but the pricing is $10 a month for essential, $13 a month for extra and $16 a month for premium. For premium, $16 a month… do you get full games? Not really… it’s like EA Play. You get full game trials. I don’t know if that’s for every single game that comes out, but it seems like that. – Jeff Grubb.

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Is there going to be a PS5 Pro? Most probably at some stage, although a new report released this week would suggest that it could be coming in 2023.