Knights and Bikes Comes To Nintendo Switch

Knights and Bikes came and went without too much fanfare following its release back in August of 2019. Sure, the indie crowd vocally praised its design, creativity, and gameplay, but the general gaming crowd had no idea a game like Knights and Bikes even existed.

One reason may be because the general gaming audience busied themselves with games already high on their radar like Astral Chain and Control, both of which released around the same time as Knights and Bikes. 

There’s certainly nothing wrong with this as Control and Astral Chain are equally amazing titles. However, Knights and Bikes is still a game worth playing now that there’s a bit of downtime between major 2020 releases.

To make playing Knights and Bikes even easier, the game is set to release on Nintendo Switch this week on February 6th. If you prefer to play games while cozied up in bed, it’s well worth purchasing a copy of Knights and Bikes for Nintendo Switch! 

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That said, you may be wondering why you should purchase Knights and Bikes on Switch, and what the game itself is all about. Knights and Bikes is an indie created by a talented team with backgrounds in games like LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet & Clank. 

The tone of Knights and Bikes certainly feels akin to both of those titles in its lighthearted presentation. In Knights and Bikes, you play as Nessa and Demelza, two kids seeking adventure through exploration and treasure hunting. 

They also have an adorable pet goose named Captain Honkers (who’s a lot kinder than a certain other Goose we know in Untitled Goose Game). The gameplay is comprised of 2-player co-op, though you can play solo with the assistance of AI. 

Traveling by bicycle, you and your friend (real or AI) will have to work through puzzles together using each character’s unique set of skills. You can also ride your bikes through the unusual distinctive areas of the island all striking in their visual design, take care of important tasks like feeding Captain Honkers, and pick up pieces of junk and treasure alike. 

Don’t worry if you get a little encumbered by all the junk you find as you can always sell it to unwitting adults. For fans of customization, Knights and Bikes lets you personalize your bicycle and improve its efficiency. On the surface, Knights and Bikes is a fantastic co-op puzzle and exploration game.

Dig in a bit more, and you’ll find Knights and Bikes has a surprisingly deep story attached. Demelza and her buddy Nessa live on a tiny, isolated island. They keep each other company as they adventure together and unravel the island’s many mysteries. 

Some of these mysteries center around more adult issues and conflicts with the island itself. For a better comparison, think of how the kids in The Goonies go on an adventure to save their homes from foreclosure. 

Knights and Bikes is just as family-friendly as The Goonies, with many gamers noting they play it with their children. It’s a great way to connect through the game’s simple, yet effective co-op, and it can be nice to process the story together and come up with theories. 

Knights and Bikes is an emotional bicycle ride through a tiny island full of hidden treasure, folklore, puzzles, and friendship. For one of the most thoughtful, charming, creative, heartwarming indie games to date we highly recommend going on an adventure with Knights and Bikes on Nintendo Switch. 

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