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Halo Infinite: Skulls Guide

Halo Infinite: Skulls Guide

Halo Infinite has received acclaim for its return-to-form campaign. Highlighting the best that Halo has to offer, there is plenty beyond the surface of Zeta Halo to get stuck into. One of those journeys is collecting the 12 skulls scattered around the world. Here’s everything you need to know about the Skull locations.

As you journey around the Grunt-infested lands of Zeta Halo, you’ll be able to acquire 12 powerful skulls. Granting different effects that act as buffs or challenging gameplay modifiers, each Skull presents an opportunity for classic Halo action to unfold. Reason enough to get out there and search for these artifacts of mayhem.

Skulls to collect:

    • Boom Skull
    • Cowbell Skull
    • Catch Skull
    • Fog Skull
    • I Would Have Been Your Daddy Tower Skull
    • Blind Skull
    • Thunderstorm Skull
    • Black Eye Skull
    • Famine Skull
    • Mythic Skull
    • Grunt Birthday Party Skull
    • Bandana Skull

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Skull locations and their effects

Each skull is hidden around the world of Zeta Halo, but luckily, we’ve got you covered when it comes to their specific locations. If you’re only after a specific effect, you can find each skull and the powers they grant below:

  • Boom can be found at Warship Gbrakkon and explosive radius are doubled(as the name may have hinted).
  • Cowbell can be found at Foundations Explosion and acceleration is increased.
  • Catch can be found Northeast of Zeta Halo and enemies will now throw more grenades, and thus drop more too.
  • Fog can be found West of FOB Alpha on Zeta Halo and completely disables the usage of the motion tracker.
  • I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD) can be found at the top of the tower on Zeta Halo and previously rare combat dialog will be more common in-game.
  • Blind can be found South of the tower on Zeta Halo and the heads-up display and weapons will not display on your screen(making for some pleasant screen cap opportunities).
  • Thunderstorm can be found near the anti-aircraft guns on Zeta Halo and enemies will now increase in rank(be ready).
  • Black Eye can be found near the waterfall on Zeta Halo and will allow you to melee enemies to recharge your shield.
  • Famine can be found far east of Zeta Halo and any weapons dropped by fallen enemies will have half their ammo.
  • Mythic can be found at the Command Spire and enemies will have double health from then on.
  • Grunt Birthday Party can be found at the Repository and all Grunt headshots thereafter will grant a celebration.
  • Bandana can be found at Silent Auditorium and will grand unlimited ammo, grenades, and no weapon cooldowns in-game.

Now that you’ve got every location, you’ll be able to wreak havoc on Zeta Halo in no time. Just what kind of carnage will you create?

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