GTA Online: Maximum Number of CEO, VIP and MC Presidents Reached Message Explained

GTA Online: Maximum Number of CEO, VIP and MC Presidents Reached Message Explained

There are numerous criminal careers available to players in GTA Online, but in most cases, you need to be a CEO, VIP or MC President to start a criminal organization and carry out certain tasks.

For example, a CEO or MC President can purchase businesses in GTA Online which open up new missions, vehicles, and ultimately more ways to make money. You’ll need to be a CEO or MC President to purchase or customize ClubhousesBunkersHangarsFacilitiesNightclubsArcades, and Auto Shops.

However, sometimes you may encounter an issue where the game explains that the session is full.

If you’re getting this error message and want to know what it means, and what to do, then read on for our full guide.

Maximum Number of CEO, VIP and MC Presidents Reached Message Explained

Sometimes when you try to register as a CEO, VIP, or MC President using SecruoServ in the interactions menu, you may receive this in-game message:

“The maximum number of CEOs, VIPs, and MC Presidents has been reached for this session”.

The reason you’re seeing this message is that the session you have loaded into already contains the maximum number of players registered as a CEO, VIP, or MC President which are allowed.

There can only be 10 VIPs, CEOs or MC Presidents in any one session. This is why GTA will attempt to encourage you to play as bodyguards or associates because it knows not everyone can be the head honcho in a given session.

How To Fix the ‘Maximum CEOs’ Message

Unfortunately, there is not fix, the max number of CEOs, VIPs, and MC Presidents is capped and it’s unlikely to change.

This has long been a massive issue of the GTA Online community, with some arguing it should be increased to something closer to 30. For now, though, it’s set to 10 and we imagine you’ll encounter this issue quite a bit, not least with more and more players enjoying the game every day.

The only solution is to find a new session and hope the max hasn’t been reached. To do this, hit pause and go to the “online” tab, then scroll down to find and select the “find a new session” button. Before you quit it will show you an error message which reads: “Are you sure you want to quit this session? Progress will be automatically saved”.

It’s worth saying that you may find that the new session is still full, in which case your only course of action could be to sit around and wait for a CEO, VIP, or MC President to leave the session. Good luck!

That’s everything you need to know about this error message in GTA Online. If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks, and explainers.

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