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New Year, New You, NG+: Your Resolutions For 2019

Step up your game and take life to the NG+ by making some gaming-related New Year’s resolutions for 2019.

Just like any good Souls-like game introduces New Game+, a New Year gives everyone a chance to shake things up and push themselves to new limits. Creating New Year’s resolutions can be a bit stressful, and we really don’t like the gym that much, so we thought we’d craft a few special ones that should appeal to the gamer in us all. It’s time to kindle the fire and set off on our NG+ adventure into the New Year!

Do more things that scare you

A lot of people think that public speaking is one of the scariest things someone can do, but have they actually tried playing a horror game at night with the lights off? For the New Year, one resolution you can make is to do more things that scare you, like playing horror games. Why not push your senses to their limit and see how long you can go without screaming in the Resident Evil 2 remake (launching January 25th) or revisit some of the games with the scariest and most disturbing audio? It’s a new year, so be brave, be bold, and do something that scares you! Lights optional.

Travel More

Wanderlust affects us all at some point, and what better way to scratch that itch than by adventuring somewhere new? An exciting New Year’s resolution could be to travel more to unique and fascinating places around the virtual world and beyond. If you’re sick of spending time on a little island, consider branching out and take a trip to the stars BioWare’s Anthem – it’s releasing in a few weeks on February 22nd!

Another good option for those who want to travel but not go too far from their comfort zone is to try a new location in the same game. Going the same route in every game of Overwatch can become a bit tedious, so take a moment to scout out other options and see the world. Have you seen every Vista in Zelda? What about the peaks of that mountain in Just Cause?
Get out there and explore!

Save More

Saving money is important, but have you ever lost 4 hours of gameplay because you forgot to save? We suggest making saving one of your New Year’s resolutions. This will not only ensure a stable future but will also offer a good buffer in case something goes wrong and you need to cash in on that save point. We can’t count the number of times we’ve been pulled out of a tight spot thanks to a save point. Made the wrong choice in a long-form game? Use that save you just made to fix that error.

Meet new people

Making friends can be difficult as you get older, which is why meeting new people is often a great New Year’s resolution. What better way to make a friend and potential ally than to open lines of communication? Take the time after a match of Blackout or a particularly grueling match of Iron Banner to send someone a message and invite them to join your team, and then get to chatting! You’ll no doubt find some friendly and skilled players looking to group up and conquer new horizons.

Learn new things

Broadening your horizon and understanding how things work and how people think is an excellent New Year’s resolution. Taking the time to learn new things will not only make you more mindful, it will help you understand the world. In video games, learning something new can mean just as many different things. Why not try and tackle a new type of build strategy for Fortnite or learn something about speedrunning your favorite game? There are so many cool things out there in gaming to understand and learn!

New Year, New You. It’s a sentiment that isn’t just reserved for “real life” aspirations, it can also be used to improve your gaming life. Make 2019 the year you strike out and do all the things you have not done.