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New Silent Hill Game Rated In South Korea

New Silent Hill Game Rated In South Korea

A new unannounced Silent Hill game has been rated by South Korea’s Game Rating committee.

As spotted by Gematsu, the game’s publisher is listed as UNIANA, a company that regularly publishes Konami games in South Korea.

At the same time, Konami’s free-to-play soccer game eFootball 2023, published by UNIANA, was also included in this new batch of Korean game ratings.

Despite the new game rating in South Korea, there are no specifics on what this new Silent Hill game actually entails.

The news follows a series of leaks and rumors which have been surrounding the series for the past year.

VGC first reported the news in early 2021, suggesting that The Medium developer Bloober Team could be working on a new Silent Hill after the studio said they were working on an existing horror IP from “a very famous gaming publisher”.

More recently VGC has reiterated that multiple Silent Hill projects are currently in development at studios around the world. Reportedly this includes “a remake, full sequel and story-focused episodic series”.

Around the same time of the report, a slew of leaked concept images for a new Silent Hill appeared online.

More recently, a slew of new images reportedly showing a Silent Hill 2 Remake ‘leaked’ online at the start of September.

According to industry insider Dusk Golem, these images apparently originated from an internal pitch demo for the game, which VGC‘s sources have since corroborated.

“These are from an internal pitch demo from Bloober before they got greenlit, so it’s literally a no-budget proof of concept thing,” Dusk Golem explained. “This isn’t actually what the final game looks like,” he continued.

A full reveal for the game has been expected for a good few months, with many suspecting it could be a high-profile reveal during a Sony PlayStation State of Play broadcast.

So far though, there’s been little to no info. Hopefully, we’ll learn more before the year concludes.