Music to remember: Life is Strange

The times of a few beeps in the background of a game are long gone. While the classic 8-bit sounds and melodies will forever have a place in our hearts, nowadays the technical possibilities create a much larger scope for game audio. Some of the melodies, compositions and tunes featured in games have become classics that will always be remembered and played outside of the games they were conceived for.

With the release of the boxed version of Life is Strange we now use this opportunity to show this strangely enticing soundtrack to you and to show you, why this game is not only very unique in terms of the setting, but also in terms of the soundtrack and audio work.

Life is Strange (Jonathan Morali)

life_is_strange_coverThe team that created Life is Strange sees videogames as the future of storytelling and they feel that they are just at the beginning of a long pioneering marathon towards a videogame-based storytelling that is actually meaningful. But while critics and gamers alike praised the story of the game, a lot of people seem to underestimate the soundtrack’s impact on the overall gameplay experience. The soundtrack features licensed content, but also an original score, which was created by the French artist Jonathan Morali (combined with older tracks from his band Syd Matters, which is – strangely enough – also Morali’s alias).

What makes Life is Strange’s soundtrack so interesting is how the music is a perfect fit to the overall story: rebellion, a time of change, depressed episodes and joy – the normal life of a teenager, every decision matters for the future. With the accompanying songs by Mogwai, Gonzales and other greats, the original score helps to take the players on a journey and another world.

A playlist for some of the soundtrack content can be accessed on Spotify using this link: https://play.spotify.com/user/officiallifeisstrange/playlist/1f5ZzLDTXHTDR8CYIEddpW