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Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Guide

If you need to know how to tie a horribly disgusting bow on your Mortal Kombat 11 matches, you’ve come to the right place with our Fatality list.

Mortal Kombat 11 has launched, and with it comes a whole new slew of gruesome finishing moves. Each character in MK11 has two fatalities to show off their morbidly creative talents, but the second fatalities are hidden behind unlocks in the Krypt. Fortunately, if you know the inputs, you can perform these fatalities even if you haven’t unlocked them. That’s where we come in.

We’ve assembled an ongoing list of all of the fatality inputs in Mortal Kombat 11, including the distance at which you need to be to accomplish them. With this list, you’ll be slicing, dicing, mincing, and destroying your opponents in proper form. Our list is in alphabetical order, so just find your favorite character and give their finishers a whirl!

The inputs for each finisher follow the following format.

1 = Front Punch

2= Back Punch

3 = Front Kick

4 = Back Kick

5 = Throw

6 = Block


Food for Thought (Close-Range)

  • Back, Down, Back, 2

Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Back, 3

Cassie Cage

I <3 U

  • Down, Down, Forward, 4

#GirlPower (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Down, Down, Back, 2


Maintaining Balance (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Down, Forward, Down, 4

Good and Evil (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Down, Back, 3

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New Species (Close-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Back, 3

Can’t Die (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Down, Down, 4

Erron Black

Melted (Close-Range)

  • Down, Down, Down, 1

Death Trap (Mid-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Down, 2


Ice Sculpture (Close-Range)

  • Forward, Back, Down, 1

The Cyber Initiative (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Down, Forward, 4


Phasing Through Time (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Down, Down, 3

Peeling Back (Close-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Back, 1


Pole Dance (Close-Range)

  • Down, Down, Down, 1

Bow Before Me (Mid-Range)

  • Down, Down, Forward, Down, 4

Jacqui Briggs 

Spider Mines (Close-Range)

  • Forward, Back, Forward, 3

Nothin’ But Neck (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Back, 4

Jax Briggs

Coming In Hot (Close-Range)

  • Forward, Down, Forward, 3

Still Got It (Close-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Back, Down, 1

Johnny Cage

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close-Range)

  • Forward, Back, Down, Down, 4

Who Hired This Guy (Close-Range)

  • Forward, Down, Forward, 1


Road Rage (Mid-Range)

  • Forward, Back, Down, Forward, 3

Hooked (Close-Range)

  • Down, Down, Down, 4


Last Dance (Close-Range)

  • Forward, Down, Down, 1

Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close-Range)

  • Back, Down, Forward, 2


Gore-Nado (Mid-Range)

  • Down, Down, Down, Down, 2

Royal Execution (Mid-Range)

  • Down, Back, Forward, 1

The Kollector

For The Kollection (Close-Range)

  • Down, Down, Down, Down, 4

Head Lantern (Close-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Back, 1

Kotal Kahn

Totem Sacrifice (Close-Range)

  • Back, Down, Back, 3

Kat Food (Close-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Back, Forward, 1

Kung Lao 

Headed Nowhere (Close-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Back, Down, 2

Meat Slicer (Close-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Down, 3

Liu Kang 

Burn Out (Close-Range)

  • Down, Back, Down, Forward, 1

Belly of the Beast (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Down, Back, Forward, 2

Noob Saibot 

Split Decision (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Back, Forward, 4

Double Trouble (Close-Range)

  • Down, Down, Down, 1


Alternating Current (Mid-Range)

  • Back, Down, Back, 1

Direct Current (Close-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Back, 3


You’re Next (Far-Range)

  • Back, Down, Down, 1

Chain Reaction (Mid-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Back, 2

Shao Kahn 

Back Blown Out (Close-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Down, Down, 2

Kahn-Sequences (Close-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Back, 1


Bloody Mess (Mid-Range)

  • Forward, Back, Down, 3

Heart Kondition (Mid-Range)

  • Down, Down, Forward, 4

Sonya Blade 

To The Choppa (Mid-Range)

  • Down, Forward, Back, 2

Supply Drop (Close-Range)

  • Back, Forward, Down, 3


Ice-Cutioner (Mid-Range)

  • Forward, Back, Forward, 2

Frozen In Time (Mid-Range)

  • Forward, Down, Forward, 4

That covers all of the characters so far for Mortal Kombat 11, but rest-assured, this list will be updated as new fatalities become available and new DLC characters are added to the game. Be sure to check back when new characters come out for our complete Fatality list!

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